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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Flash – Kotobuyika – Statue

One more statue to add to my recent Iron Mark 42. This one is the Kotobuyika Flash from DC 52. Trying for a little bit of “speed” effect so I over exposed the photo. I’m still considering whether that was the right move. Let me know your thoughts!

French Comic Con Poster by Geoffo – Happy New Year

Featured artist Geoffo designed an amazing poster for a recent French Comic Con. I love the use of the negative space and the very different art styles! On another note, this has been a pretty life changing 2011 for me. It’s been the year of major changes in direction (mostly positive!) and all these changes […]

World of Flashpoint – Original Artwork – Eduardo Francisco – Alex Lei

A rare opportunity to get some original artwork from World of Flashpoint pencilled by Eduardo Francisco and inked by Alex Lei. The original art pages measure 11″ x 17″ and showcase amazing artwork as well as recognisable characters like Flash, Batman and the original Justice League. Bid high and bid often! Click on the respective […]

Huntress by Di Amorim

A lovely Huntress piece of original art by featured artist Di Amorim. Currently on sale on eBay but that’s not too much time left if you want to get a bid in. Remember to bid high and bid often! I like how the shadow hides away some of Huntress’s form. Huntress :

Tigra by Di Amorim

A sexy Tigra piece of original art by featured artist Di Amorim. Currently on sale on eBay but that’s not too much time left if you want to get a bid in. Remember to bid high and bid often! Not sure what the fascination with women and cats are . . think Catwoman, Black Cat […]

Zatanna Elektra Rogue Statues by Cedric Poulat

More artwork by French featured artist Cedric Poulat. I really want these to be real so I can buy the Zatanna one! *sigh* To see more statues check out his Deviant Art Gallery. Zatanna : Elektra : Rogue : On another note, Sigmatestudio now has a Facebook page! It’ll showcase some preview art before it […]

Elektra – Zatanna – Rogue – Huntress – Marvel DC Women by James Nguyen

It’s been a while since I last caught up with featured artist James Nguyen. He was nice enough to allow me to showcase a couple of his pin-ups of some hot women from both Marvel and DC. I definitely like the Elektra pose best, although Zatanna (in terms of look) is my favourite DC character. […]

eBay – Birthday Zatanna – Lady Death by Dean Juliette

The previous post amazing Birthday Zatanna is available on eBay! This is an opportunity to pick up an original piece of artwork from featured artist Dean Juliette. Links are below but be sure to check out his other auctions. There’s a very sexy Lady Death piece also on sale. Original art is always difficult to […]

Birthday Zatanna by Dean Juliette

Last week there was a sneak peek at this year’s birthday surprise by Dean Juliette. I’m happy to show the whole sketch in its glory, Zatanna bursting out of a birthday cake. Thanks again for contributing an amazing piece for the site Dean! Sketch to get posture : Pencilling in the sketch : Base without […]

Birthday Sneak Peek – Zatanna by Dean Juliette

This site’s second birthday is the 29-July-10! Last year featured artist Dean Juliette did an amazing sketch of Zatanna holding a birthday cake for this site. He has very nicely agreed (being the awesome guy that he is) to put another birthday Zatanna sketch for this site. I’ve decided to hold off showing the final […]