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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Project Tabby – Page 15 16 17 – End of Act 1

Project Tabby‘s roughs of Page 15, 16 & 17. (Check here for previous roughs.) This completes the roughs for Act 1. The Fish Market Family (from out of town) have now regrouped under the clock tower. Each of them of sharing what they have learnt about the new neighborhood. This ending to Act 1 is […]

Project Tabby – Page 14 Roughs

Project Tabby‘s roughs of Page 14. (Check here for previous roughs.) This is the continuation of the B Story. It’s meant to be sweet but a very innocent meeting. The shape of the centre panel is more than enough to explain to the reader what is happening without words! Page 14 roughs :

Project Tabby – Page 13 Roughs

Project Tabby‘s roughs of Page 13. (Check here for previous roughs.) I’m particularly fond of this page. It’s the start of the B-Story where the male kitten from Tabby’s family meets the female kitten from the other family of cats. It’s really a chance meeting where the 2 kittens bump into each other. It’s a […]

Project Tabby – Rewards

Project Tabby is progressing well with only 2 more pages from Act 2 to be pencilled and inked. I’m currently in a position when I’m starting to get ready for the project to be put onto kickstarter (it’s a crowd sourcing website). The initial rewards are pretty straightforward e.g. PDF copy of the work, published […]

Project Tabby – Page 11 & 12 roughs

More roughs from Project Tabby. I like these 2 pages, they show Tabby and his family enjoying some fishy treats. One of the kittens is missing though! (The next few pages were cover where he is!). Act 1 is to set the scene and establish the central conflict. Wait for Act 2 for the fur […]