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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Iron Man Sketch Cards by Rémi Dousset

Upcoming featured artist Rémi Dousset has allowed me to showcase a sneak preview of his work, some amazing Iron Man 2 sketch cards. It’s hard to capture details in sketch cards but these are great. I particularly like the Iron Monger one (bottom left). Would love to hear in the comments which ones you liked.


A quick thanks to all the readers of this site, Sigmate Studio – Creating a Graphic Novel is now the top most visited site (averaging over 3000+ visitors daily) on the comicblogelite. There’s a lot more interviews and artwork to come, so please keep watching this space.

DC Women Faces by Cedric Poulat

Previous featured artist Cedric Poulat is showcasing a study of the faces of the prominent women in the DC Universe, namely Donna Troy, Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn,Batwoman, Mary Marvel, Powergirl and of course Supergirl. Cedric also provided a fantastic explanation to the faces used for the characters below. I think this is […]

Huntress by Nicola Scott

Was doing a little bit of a clean and found this will tidying up my commissions folder (Collection is growing!). I posted a Wonder Woman by Nicola Scott a while back but this time it’s Huntress from the Bat family!

Supernatural – Swan Song – Season 5 Finale

The season finale of Supernatural plays more like a series finale (although there is a little tidbit at the end for Season 6). Season 6 will see Eric Kripke depart as the showrunner. The original plan was for the series to end with this episode but due to increased ratings, one more season was greenlighted. […]

Vampirella by Kirk Lindo – Competition Winner

The Kirk Lindo competition has ended with the winner decided by the artist. Thanks for all those who entered and Kirk for providing the prizes. Winning Print (selected) : Kirk was kind enough to leave a message for all the participants. First of all I wish to thank you and your incredibly generous readers for […]

Zombies versus Cheerleaders

Zombie vs Cheerleaders is anthology featuring stories by different creators every issue. It is currently on a bi-monthly schedule and can be ordered from April 2010 Previews (Diamond). I read through a preview copy and it was hilarious. Combine some teen angst, cute cheerleaders and oh . . a zombie invasion and it’s a very […]

Witchblade – Sara by Cedric Poulat

French artist Cedric Poulat (whose other interests include drawing, painting, comics, girls ,music,video games and horror movies) is showcasing an absolutely amazing Witchblade piece. Absolutely tremendous detail in this showcase, the final colours are absolutely sublime. Witchblade Showcase : Cedric has been awesome enough to show the breakdown of the piece and showing the details […]

Spider-Man and Wolverine by Paul Mason

I recently featured a Spider-Man by Paul Mason, here’s the second piece I had commissioned. Unfortunately I have to give it Wolverine it really came down to a no holds barred, beat down rumble. Logan would go straight for the jugular (literally) and ole’ Peter wouldn’t really stand much of chance! Tell me if you […]

City of Abacus by VV Brown and David Allain

It’s been a while since my last comic reviews (Dusk and Negafighters come to mind). I was fortunate enough to get a preview copy of City of Abacus by British musician and model VV Brown and David Allain prior to the official 07-May-10 release date. With an amazing backstory covering political intrigue, royalty (and affairs), […]