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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Slave Leia by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has an amazing Slave Leia available through an eBay Auction. Slave Leia has to be one of the most recognisable forms of fan service. I wonder if George Lucas was thinking how can I get Carrie Fisher in a bikini for the last part of the Star Wars trilogy. There was […]

Dusk Volume 2 by David Doub

Back in May 2009, I did a review for Dusk Volume 1. I’m pleased to be able to let everyone know that Volume 2 has recently been released! David was nice enough to provide a couple of interior pages. Definitely worth checking out for a different style to the vampire genre. Page 1 : Page […]

Aphrodite IX – Phoenix – Jean Grey – Witchblade by Dean Juliette

More amazing artwork from featured artist Dean Juliette and they are currently on sale on eBay. Click on the below sketches to be taken to the respective eBay auction or check out all his auctions. My favourite of the three sketches below would have to be the Aphrodite IX although the Phoenix and Witchblade are […]

Nando’s Baby Burger

I’ve always been partial to a nice chilli burger (and I love Hungry Jacks) so I had to sample Nando’s new Baby Burger with HOT peri-peri sauce. The burger was nice stacked and delicious although I would have preferred a softer bread, they used a crusty bread roll for this. The mayonnaise did blend well […]

March of Dimes – Death – Gotham Sirens by Frank Kadar

Featured artist Frank Kadar has donated 2 amazing pieces for the March of Dimes charity auction on eBay. (Similar to Troy Parke last year). Both artwork was done using a combination of Prismacolor markers, watercolors and color pencils. Click on the artwork to be taken to the auction. Remember to bid high and bid often. […]

Superman – Spider-Man – Batman – Wolverine by Geoffo

French artist Geoffo is the current featured artist (who was bitten by a radioactive pen when he was born). His showcase is an amazing mix of some of comics’ most recognisable characters (namely Superman, Spider-man, Batman and Wolverine). Splash Page : Superman Panel 1 : Superman Panel 2 : Completed Superman Panel : What type […]

Spider-man – Venom by Chasen Grieshop – Particle 9

A sneak peek into the artwork of upcoming featured artist Chasen Grieshop (of Particle 9 Productions) with a very cool Spider-Man and Venom artwork. His work has a definite Michael Turner style to it. Stay tuned to this site for the full interview (and more artwork) coming soon! Spider-Man and Venom : Fairy :

iPhone Wallpaper – Phoenix – David Enciso

I’ve posted a few iPhone Wallpapers including Zatanna by Dean Juliette and Supergirl by Cedric Poulat. From an image by Phoenix by David Enciso, I like how the dark colours and flames of sit as the wallpaper.

Elektra – Zatanna – Rogue – Huntress – Marvel DC Women by James Nguyen

It’s been a while since I last caught up with featured artist James Nguyen. He was nice enough to allow me to showcase a couple of his pin-ups of some hot women from both Marvel and DC. I definitely like the Elektra pose best, although Zatanna (in terms of look) is my favourite DC character. […]