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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Halloween Donna Troy by Cedric Poulat

French featured artist Cedric Poulat has allowed me to showcase this Donna Troy piece for Halloween. He mentioned Donna was a good choice as her black costume is perfect for Halloween and matches well with the orange from the pumpkin. Image was done with markers and watercolours with some post production (for the fake book […]

Thor ACEO by Dion Hamill

Featured artist Dion Hamill has an amazing Thor ACEO currently on sale on eBay. It was created using gouache on illustration board. Click on the below picture to be taken to the auction for your chance to own a piece of original artwork! Thor :

Supergirl and Wonder Woman by Michael Bridges

Previous featured artist Michael Bridges is showcasing an amazing Wonder Woman and Supergirl. Both pieces are available as prints from Michael’s website, click on the picture and follow the Paypal instructions if you want to pick up a print. Wonder Woman : Supergirl : What’s the first thing you do when starting a superhero painting? […]

Halloween Zatanna by Dean Juliette

Another Halloween artwork by featured artist Dean Juliette. This piece is also on eBay so it’s a great opportunity to own a piece of original art. It’s a fantastic piece although I prefer the more cutesy Zatanna playing with cards and bunny rabbits rather than with skulls. “Yppah neewollah” Halloween Zatanna :

Halloween Poison Ivy by Dean Juliette

In preparation for Halloween, featured artist Dean Juliette has put up for auction a very sexy Poison Ivy (dressed appropriately with the witch’s hat). It’s a great chance to own a piece of original art and the picture does not do justice to the detail that Dean puts into each of his works. (I should […]

Ultimate Spider-Man by Stuart Immonen

From a recent Supanova, I received this awesome Spider-Man sketch from Stuart Immonen. It’s a shame that his run on Ultimate Spider-Man only spanned issue 111 to 133. I personally liked his work better than Mark Bagley or David Lafuente (And they are both also great artists!).

Power Girl – Rogue – Cavewoman by Amorim

Featured artist Di Amorim has some great eBay Auctions currently on offer! If you like any of the below, click on the picture. Remember it’s difficult to find good original artwork. Of the three showcased in this post, the sexy X-Man Rogue has to be my favourite! Power Girl : Rogue : Cavewoman :

Akuma by Norman Wong – Terrance Belgrad

Freelance comic book colorist and digital painter Norman Wong is showcasing his amazing work on an Akuma over pencils by Terrence Belgrad. Completed Akuma Coloured : Colouring Process : Sketch by Terrence Belgard : What do you enjoy about being a colourist? As a Colourist, I really like painting digitally. I like to visually comparing […]

Felicia by David Faught

One of the artist from Dusk Volume 2 David Faught has provided me some samples of his other work. I thought I’d give you a sneak peek with an incredibly sexy Felicia (from Darkstalkers). The bowl of milk is definitely a nice touch!

Friends Forever

Like the Emergency Zombie Kit, I couldn’t resist posting this photo up from the LOLDOG website. The second photo is especially cute as the Labrador and the cheetah seem to be having a meaningful conversation. [Don’t worry comic artwork fans, this site will be returning to showcase new featured artists in the next post!]