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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Heralds – Marvel Beginnings – Frankie Washington

A chance to pick up some amazing Artist Proofs from featured artist Frankie Washington. Click on the respective picture to be the taken directly to the auction. A previous post showcased a Monkey Captain America, that Artist Proof is also currently on eBay. Bid high and bid often for these rare collectibles. Maybe bid on […]

Roast Pork Baguette – Honey Mayo – Brie – Taste Baguette

From the last pancake and crepe post, I have since discovered a new craving. The bread is baked fresh every 15 minutes with brie, honey mayo, lettuce and roast pork (with crackling) to make a fantastic tasting baguette. So far I’ve had this twice already and I’m thinking of when I can next go back!

David Doub – The Trial And Tribulations of Miss Tilney

Previous featured writer David Doub will be at Phoenix Comicon to showcase his new work The Trial And Tribulations of Miss Tilney. There will be Victorian costume contest, check out Dusk Comics for more details. Cub Reporter Henrietta Tilney is sent on her first assignment, to interview accused mass murderer Lord Beowulf Harwood. But young […]

Cinderella Fables are Forever 01 – Chrissie Zullo

Featured artist Chrissie Zullo has allowed me to feature more of her incredible Cinderella Fables are Forever covers. She used oil paint on 20″x30″ wood panel in grayscale before using Photoshop to add colours. This piece reminds me of the Black Widow for some reason! Pencil Sketch : Final : Cover : For more of […]

Captain America Sketch Card – Monkey – Frankie Washington

Check out Frankie’s Thor Sketch Cards. A sneak peek at Frankie Washington‘s sketch card for the upcoming Captain America – The First Avenger movie. This piece is fantastic, it’s dynamic and it has the Red Skull (check!), Cosmic Cube (check!) and a monkey (check!). The person who finds this is out is going to be […]

Thor 3D – Pasquale Qualano – Chris Hemsworth

For the recent Thor movie, I thought it would be fun to showcase a recent Thor sketch by featured artist Pasquale Qualano. Also in case you missed it previous check out Frankie Washington’s Thor sketchcard post for more things Thor related. Thor Sketch : I’ve been meaning to do a short write up since I […]

Fables Cinderella by Chrissie Zullo

Canadian born Chrissie Zullo is the cover artist for the Fables spin-off Cinderella. She’s lived up and down the East Coast, from South Florida, to North Carolina, and moving soon to New York. She’s allowed me to showcase Cinderella – Fables are Forever #2, the process from a preliminary sketch to the final product below. […]

Lady Death Di Amorim – Supergirl Walter Geovani

More auctions listed by featured artist Di Amorim. (Click on the image to be taken to the respective auction.) It’s great to showcase an auction by Walter Geovani who has previously pencilled Witchblade and Savage Tales. He’s currently working on a Red Sonja. Hopefully an interview with Walter will be coming soon. Love the Supergirl […]

Fantastic Four Sketchcards – Frankie Washington – FF 02 – Epting – Hickman

Some of the Marvel Beginning sketch cards by Frankie Washington are currently on sale. This is a unique opportunity to pick some amazing pieces of original artwork. Remind to bid high and bid often if you like ’em! Click on the respective card to be taken directly to the eBay auctions. (More sketch card auctions […]