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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Halloween Wonder Woman by Frankie Washington

Previous featured artist Frankie Washington (artist for Marooned on Mogo) provided this amazing piece of artwork of Wonder Woman in Halloween dress inspired by the late Gil Elvgreen. Very Happy Halloween y’all. Don’t eat too much candy. Coloured image : Black and White image : Really like this image and the details. Especially Wonder Woman’s […]

Halloween Artwork by Dean Juliette

In preparation for Halloween, Dean Juliette has put together some amazing art pieces just in time for Halloween! My favourite of the three being showcased is Death, however I still like Zatanna riding a broomstick with Felicia sharing candy (the look on the kid’s face is priceless). All artwork is also current on eBay. Click […]

Shelby Robertson

Shelby Robertson is a 15 year comic veteran. He received his first professional gig at 17 years of age at the hands of Rob Liefeld back in the Image Comics and Maximum Press days. His first submission pin-up actually became his first published work in the medium. It was a Black Flag piece of Rascal […]

Sydney Harbour Bridge – Grass Picnic

Fancy a picnic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge? That’s exactly what happened, they laid out almost 3km of grass to cover the entire motorway for 6000 lucky residents to enjoy a breakfast picnic on the harbour bridge. The predicted rains kept away and it was a sensational morning! Volunteers handing out fresh loaves on bread […]

Puny Parker – Season 2 – 02 – Vitor Cafaggi

Before Puny Parker by Vitor Cafaggi started Season 2, he did leave a cliffhanger storyline. I thought this one was exceptionally cute, especially with the crossover between Captain America and He-Man (Masters of the Universe)! Before Season 2 : Season 2 :

Baroness by Jamie Tyndall

Featured artist Jamie Tyndall showcased an amazing Wonder Woman set against a Rolling Stone cover. As well as detailed sketches, his does some amazing colouring work. Definitely worth seeing more of his work including a G.I. Joe (or Cobra in this case) Destro and Baroness, along another Wonder Woman set against an Esquire magazine cover. […]

Wonder Woman by Jamie Tyndall

Back in September I showcased Bayonetta by Jame Tyndall for a Wizard competition. Jamie also did this incredible Rolling Stone with Wonder Woman as a feature. I don’t think why the song “Papa was a rolling stone” popped in my head but it’s not leaving. Arrgh! Final Cover : Sketch So where are you from? […]

Bizarro Superman by Adam Cline

Previous featured artist Adam Cline is showcasing a Bizarro Superman coloured with prismacolor markers. It’s a fantastic piece even capturing the distant, vacant look on Bizarro’s face. More of Adam’s art : http://www.adamcline.com Final : Inks : Sketch :

Puny Parker – Season 2 – Vitor Cafaggi

Vitor Cafaggi has completed his first season of Puny Parker ending on an amazing finale. You can check out more of Puny Parker on this site or at his blog. This was to not to be end, with Season 2 showcasing some amazing strips. Season 1 Finale – What plots do you have in plan […]

Artwork of Yohann Schepacz (OYO!)

Yohann Schepacz (a.k.a. OYO!) is a freelancer in the entertainment and publishing industry for 4 years where he has worked as art director, concept artist and illustrator. His showcase piece covers original sketch to final completed piece. When you were growing up what did you want to do? I was born with a voice. My […]