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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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iPhone – Home Screen Wallpaper – Spider-man – Red Sonja – Witchblade – Phoenix

Previously I had some fun with the iPhone lock screen wallpaper. One of the new features in the iPhone iOS4 is the ability to change the home screen wallpapers. I looked through some of the showcased artwork and decided to mock up some wallpapers. Would love to hear which ones you liked! Phoenix by Kirk […]

Parcel in the mail – Zombies vs Cheerleaders by Steve Frank

In May, there was a showcase for Zombies vs Cheerleaders by Steven Frank. I love parcels in the mail (the last one was a Halloween Wonder Woman from Frankie Washington) and Steve Frank was awesome to send a copy of the comic to me! Although I had read the PDF preview copy, it feels so […]

Spying with Flare by Sean Harrington

Featured artist Sean Harrington of Spying with Lana fame is showcasing the first crossover between Flare (Heroic Publishing) and Lana. The webcomic is serialised on Sean’s site. Front Cover : Interior Panels : So Sean, how did the idea for the cross over happen? A year or so ago, Dennis Mallonee who runs Heroic Publishing […]

Summer Glau – Big Bang Theory – Supanova

Someone went to Supanova (Sydney pop culture expo) and got me this amazing signed photo from Summer Glau (Terminator – Sarah Connor Chronicles). Need to get this framed and find a place for it on my wall! As much as I loved Summer in Terminator, her cameo as herself on The Big Bang Theory was […]

Artwork of Micah Gunnell

Micah has some of the most amazing artwork I’ve seen. He’s showcasing a drawing of UFC Fighter B.J. “The Prodigy” Penn. Although he normally doesn’t use a lot of reference in my comic work, he’s been doing a series of figure studies working from photos, and using them to practice some different techniques that he’d […]

More Iron Man Sketch Cards by Rémi Dousset

As a follow up the previous Iron Man post, I thought it would be great to showcase the final few sketch cards by Rémi Dousset. My favourite of the three would have the Nick Fury (the 616 universe version rather than the Samuel L Jackson Ultimate version). I did love how in Iron Man 2, […]

iPhone Wallpaper – Cedric Poulat – Supergirl

As a follow up to the previous iPhone Wallpaper post, I thought I’d showcase Cedric Poulat’s amazing Supergirl piece in an iPhone mock up. It’s a fantastic piece and really quite partial with this as the background. If you want to contact Cedric in regards to his work, please email cedricpoulat[at]aol.com Base Wallpaper :

iPhone Wallpaper – Supergirl – Batwoman

It’s been almost 6 months since I got my iPhone and I’m still loving it, especially playing around with the applications. Thought it would be fun to try out some wallpapers based on the artwork (from Supergirl to Bizarro Superman and even one food photo) I’ve collected on this site! Which wallpaper do you like […]

Angelus by Pasquale Qualano – Lorenzo Ruggiero – Alessia Nocera

Featured artist Pasquale (who also recently showcased a cover Route Des Maison) is showcasing a recent private commission Angelus. Inks by Lorenzo Ruggiero and colours by Alessia Nocera. Looks like a cross between scantily clad angels and Witchblade. Final : Layout : Pencils : Inks :