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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Batman Grapple Gun – Arkham Origins

Lucius Fox (Batman Begins) : Here we are. Kevlar utility harness. Gas-powered, magnetic grapple gun. The 350 pound test monofilament. One step closer to assembling my own full stocked utility belt!

Batman Cover Auction by Frank Kadar

Featured artist Frank Kadar has an amazing Batman sketch over currently on sale on eBay. Click on the image and remember to bid high and bid often!

DC 52 – Sketch Card – Batman – Batwoman – Frank Kadar

Some sketch cards by Frank Kadar being showcased today. I thought I’d start with the works he did for Gotham City. Enjoy! These card will appear in Cryptozoic’s card set DC The New 52, being released on 18-Sep-12. Let me know if you are lucky enough to pick up some of Frank’s works. Batman : […]

Batman – The Dark Knight Rises – Knightfall – 497

The final installment of Nolan’s Batman trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises” is coming soon in 2012. Bane has been cast in this film as the main villian (with a little Catwoman thrown in for good measure). I thought it was worth to go back a bit to the most iconic issue in the Knightfall saga, […]

Batman Villians – Movie – Dark Knight Rises – Frank Kadar

In preparation for the 2012 – Batman – The Dark Knight Rises, Frank Kadar has created 2 sketch cards of the villians of from the Nolan series of movies. Click on the picture to be taken to the respective eBay auction. (Bid high and bid often!) These are amazing pieces done in copics, prismacolors and […]

Keep Calm and Call Batman

Thought this was cool enough to showcase! Not sure who to credit this one to but if you are the original creator, I’ll update this post with the correct acknowledgment. Until then, “Keep Calm and Call Batman“. Update : Found the creator (or rather she found this site). Thank you Gaila for this very cool […]

World of Flashpoint – Original Artwork – Eduardo Francisco – Alex Lei

A rare opportunity to get some original artwork from World of Flashpoint pencilled by Eduardo Francisco and inked by Alex Lei. The original art pages measure 11″ x 17″ and showcase amazing artwork as well as recognisable characters like Flash, Batman and the original Justice League. Bid high and bid often! Click on the respective […]

Avengers 2012 – New Trailer – Batman – Dark Knight Rises – Amazing Spider-Man

2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for comic book movies with three big releases Avengers, Batman – The Dark Knight Rises and the new Amazing Spider-Man. The latest Avengers trailer has been released and it looks amazing with snapshots at all the main characters. It looks like Tony Stark will be stealing […]

Batman – Arkham Asylum Montage by Frank Kadar

Featured artist Frank Kadar is showcasing the colouring on his amazing Batman – Arkham Asylum piece with notable villains from Batman’s Rogues Gallery. The sketch was completed almost 2 years ago and is really brought to life with the stunning colours! Original Sketch : Initial Colouring : Harley Quinn : I’m a bigger fan of […]

Talia Al Ghul- Ron Adrian – Abbey Chase – Alex Lei

Previous featured artist Di Amorim has some amazing artwork from various artists currently on auction. Check out this link for all that’s available. I’m showcasing two particular pieces, an amazing Abbey Chase (Alex Lei) and Talia Al Ghul (Ron Adrian). Click on the picture to be taken to the respective auction and if you like […]