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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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COSPLAY – Gogo Yubari – Kill Bill – Supanova

Last weekend was great as I had the opportunity to drop into Supanova, a yearly comic and pop culture convention where I live. The next few posts will showcase some photos and artwork I managed to collect with some spectacular stuff from Tim Sale (Dark Victory)! To start off . . . from Noelle’s Catwoman, […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 14

The “Parker” luck again. This time he misses the chance to take Mary Jane trick or treating. Love the movie reference to Mary Jane’s costume.

Pomegranate Frogurt

A previous post discussed the various kind of milkshake flavours. Now in the world of frogurt (frozen yogurt) there’s pomegranate yogurt. A fresh but rather delicious taste.

Ms Marvel by Adam Braun

From yesterday’s post with Adam Braun, I thought I’d also showcase his Ms Marvel work. The highlights in her hair are simply amazing. Sketch : Coloured :

Mary Jane by Adam Braun

Horror movie buff Adam Braun does some of the most realistic artwork I’ve seen. Adam’s showcase piece is a Kirsten Dunst inspired Mary Jane sketch. When did you get interested in art? I’ve always been interested in art. I started drawing as a kid, usually copying pictures from comic books. I didn’t get serious about […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 13

Ahh . . Halloween . . costumes and candy! I’d rather like this one, as kids I think we were more innovative and ingenious. If you couldn’t buy it, you’d make it.

Breaking in some watercolour pencils

Previous featured artist Michael Munshaw submitted a Supergirl sketch as a showcase piece. In his words : “I was playing around with some watercolor pencils my wife bought me. I needed something to play with that was already lying around, and there was your Supergirl.” Thanks for letting me share this piece!

Gambit (Female) by Kirk Lindo

As a follow up to the Mary Jane commission showcase by Kirk Lindo, he has sent through some additional sketches as well some time to get an interview of his works. Firstly Kirk’s reimaging of some classic Marvel characters. Female Gambit : Female Captain America : Female Cyclops : So Kirk . . where are […]

Finance, Stocks and Global Financial Crisis

Know much about shares, stocks or the global financial crisis? I don’t so I thought I’d take a slight change of direction from my usual posts to share this. Link (Kevin Nguyen) : Financial Crisis – Explained to my 14 year old sister It all makes sense now? I promise there will be new artwork […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 12

The Clone Saga was one of the most infamous story arcs in Spider-Man history. Spanning over 2 years it is best left forgotten as a horrible mess of bad writing.