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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 19

Peter’s first forage into photography. I always found it interesting that both Marvel and DC’s (Superman) flagship characters both are journalist. Suppose it makes it easy to explain why they are at the scene of most disastsers.


It’s one year since the first post up went up where I discussed “the dream” and what I hoping this blog would be. A special birthday image from previous featured artist Eduardo Vieira. A birthday cupcake image from upcoming featured Violet. (Don’t worry Violet . . your post is still on my schedule!)

Zatanna by Dean Juliette

Brazilian Dean Juliette did an amazing Birthday Zatanna piece yesterday! His first published was Grimm Fairy Tales # 27 from Zenescope in the last year. A quick reminder of the Birthday Zatanna : Dean provided a step by step breakdown of his showcase from beginning to end. Initial sketch 2.5 x 3.7″ – Establish layout […]

Birthday Zatanna by Dean Juliette

This site is having a birthday on 29-July-09! As a special check out this amazing Zatanna piece by Dean Juliette. Check back tomorrow for the sketches and the interview!

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 18

I really like this one! Then again . . anything with Mary Jane, I’m biased towards. Poor Peter just can’t catch a break.

Supergirl by Gerard Delatour II

Showcasing more of yesterday’s featured artist, Gerard’s artwork. An incredible Supergirl piece that’s been inkwashed! Also a very detailed New York Sykline with the Empire State Building right in the middle. Supergirl : Skyline :

Spider-man & Mary Jane by Gerard Delatour II

Brooklyn born and bred Gerard Delatour II (a.k.a spidertour) recently graduated master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Still a video game fanatic and also does the most amazing artwork. The showcase piece is the memorable kiss from Spider-man I. Pencils : Preliminary : Final : I have to ask . . How did you get the […]

Sydney Opera House – Night Photography

Night shot of Sydney’s most iconic landmark, the Opera House. I havem’t done much with long exposures but it was nice to try out some different settings to get interesting effects. I liked how the various coloured lighting reflected on the water.

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 17

The last strip in the Halloween series where Peter Parker learns that with great power comes great responsibility (or stay off the candy before bedtime!).

Colour Sequentials by Katie Huang

Some additional coloured sequentials from this week’s featured Sydney based artist Katie Huang. Coloured Sample 1 : Coloured Sample 2 :