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Batman Grapple Gun – Arkham Origins

Lucius Fox (Batman Begins) : Here we are. Kevlar utility harness. Gas-powered, magnetic grapple gun. The 350 pound test monofilament. One step closer to assembling my own full stocked utility belt!

Beware of Walkers – The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has really kicked into gear. In the comics, the latest story arc “All Out War“ has just started. This will see Rick’s group banding with the Hilltop and the Kingdom to challenge Negan. Should be a great read especially with the forthnightly schedule! Season 4 on AMC has also just started. There […]

Purple Minion Bat Signal – Despicable Me 2

My purple minion (from a McDonald’s Despicable Me 2 Happy Meal) is manning the Batsignal. Your argument is invalid. Despicable Me really got the character designs for the minions done right. They are absolutely perfectly “cast” for the movie.

Queenie Chan – Yunyu – Dorothy

In my previous interview with Queenie Chan, she mentioned her collaboration with musician Yunyu’s Twisted Tales project. The trailer for Dorothy (as a lost cosmonaut) is below. Absolutely love the opening sequence with intercuts JFK’s moon speech. For more information on Dorothy check out this post on Yunyu’s site.

Avengers 2012 – New Trailer – Batman – Dark Knight Rises – Amazing Spider-Man

2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for comic book movies with three big releases Avengers, Batman – The Dark Knight Rises and the new Amazing Spider-Man. The latest Avengers trailer has been released and it looks amazing with snapshots at all the main characters. It looks like Tony Stark will be stealing […]

Paris Gargoyle – Supernatural Season 7 – Red Monika – Di Amorim

Since it’s been a while since my last update, I decided to combine several posts I had been working on into one long post covering a range of different topics. The posts should be a little more regular as things get a little more on track but in the mean time, enjoy! It’s a been […]

Thor 3D – Pasquale Qualano – Chris Hemsworth

For the recent Thor movie, I thought it would be fun to showcase a recent Thor sketch by featured artist Pasquale Qualano. Also in case you missed it previous check out Frankie Washington’s Thor sketchcard post for more things Thor related. Thor Sketch : I’ve been meaning to do a short write up since I […]

Laura Vandervoort – Smallville Supergirl – V 2009

Last year it was Summer Glau but in 2011, I had the opportunity to meet Laura Vandervoort of V (Lisa) and Smallville (Supergirl) fame during a recent convention. I haven’t really started Season 2 of V yet but it’s next on my list. On another note I’ve been making my way through 80+ issues of […]

Thor – Upper Deck – Showcase Sketch Cards by Frankie Washington

With a planned release date of 15 March 2011, Upper Deck is releasing the card set to tie with the upcoming Thor movie (6 May release). Featured artist Frankie Washington has kindly provided a scoop of what the set contains as well as provided a showcase of his incredible work. You might be lucky enough […]

Supernatural Julia Maxwell Mother of All

Supernatural has concluded in 2010, with the closure of Sam’s soul story arc. I’ve just seen the newest episode (S06E12 – Like a Virgin) and it’s a great start picking up on the “monster purgatory” storyline. A new villain is introduced as the “Mother of All” portrayed by Julia Maxwell. Can’t wait for the rest […]