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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Project Tabby – Act 2 – Page 4 & 5

Click for Act 2 – Page 1 Roughs. Act 2 builds on the conflict as the new family of cats begin to steal fish away from Tabby’s family. It’s also the chance for the B-Story between the 2 kittens to develop. A second chance meeting as the 2 kittens literally bump into each other again. […]

Peackeeper by Nicole Kane and Matt Lao

Click here for the Kickstarter project. Gods of War, Demi and Kya take up arms as the Pæcekeepers to become the last line of defense the world has from itself! Pæcekeepers is currently on kickstarter seeking funding to complete the artwork and fund the publication. The story revolves around two re-incarnated Egyptian gods (who comes […]

Betty Wicked by John Daniel Taylor IV

Link to Betty Wicked Kickstarter Betty Wicked lives in a haunted house,her car is possessed, her cell phone is lost in another dimension and those are the good things! Created and written by John Daniel Taylor IV with pencils provided by Juan Francisco Moyano. This project is current on Kickstarter. Support the project to make […]

Project Tabby – Act 1 Page 4 – Detailed Pencils

A quick showcase of the difference between the Roughs and Detailed Pencils for Act 1 Page 4 with artwork by P.R. Dedelis. The family of cats sadly watch as their local fish market is closed. This is the initial catalyst which makes this family of cats move into Tabby’s neighbourhood. Page 4 Pencils : Page […]

Project Tabby – Act 2 – Page 2 & 3

Click for Act 2 – Page 1 Roughs. Act 1 serves as the setup or the catalyst of the story. With the closure of their local fish market, another family of cats enters Tabby’s neighborhood. Act 2 sees the conflict build as this new family starts taking fish away from Tabby’s family! Page Act 2 […]

Project Tabby – Start of Act 2

Act 2 starts with a new day. It’s really a setup page with Tabby’s life on the left and the Fish Market Family of cats on the right. While Tabby gets up in his cozy bed and struts the neighborhood, the other family of cats had the brave the outside and are now planning their […]