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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Elektra by Dean Juliette

Previous featured artist, Dean Juliette (who has featured some amazing works here like Aspen) is showcasing a sensational Elektra piece (note the well positioned leaf). The shading and tones on the final drawing is impressive! Sketch : Final :

Artwork of Dion Hamill

The last post was a showcase of Dion Hamill’s Zatanna. Hailing from Sydney (Australia) Dion’s been a freelance illustrator for about 9 years, now working in Publishing and Marketing predominantly. Did you always want to a commercial illustrator? I’ve pretty much always wanted to be a commercial illustrator since I saw the work of Chris […]

Zatanna by Dion Hamill

Upcoming featured artist Dion Hamill (from Sydney Australia) will be showcasing some amazing artwork in an upcoming post. In the mean time, a little teaser for his work . . an amazing sketch of Zatanna. Watch this site for the interview to come! For more of his work :

Cavewoman by Dean Juliette

Previous featured artist Dean Juliette (who did some amazing Halloween pieces) has some new original artwork on auction at eBay. I think this is a fantastic composed piece although I didn’t think Cavewoman back then ever looked so great! Anyway click on the picture to see the auction and bid high and often.

Slam McCracken by Gregory Woronchak

Featured artist Gregory Woronchak (artist of Nega Fighters) is the creator, writer and artist for Slam McCraken, Hard Boiled Detective. It’s a crime noir where the damsel in distress hires the hard nosed detective except all the players in this game are various objects. The lead character Slam being a hard boiled egg. For the […]

Black Cat – Power Girl by Jon Riggle

Jon Riggle is an illustrator and photographer in the US (more specifically, Nebraska). Showcasing some incredible graphic novel art with an incredible computer coloured Black Cat (complete with furry boots) and a traditional Power Girl (could never understand her costume). Both are very different styles but amazing pieces! Black Cat : Power Girl : How […]

Megan Fox by Alain Norte

More amazing work from featured artist Alain Norte. Some sketch cards of the ever popular and sexy Megan Fox (Transformers). This isn’t the first time Megan has appeared on this site, Frank Kadar did his version too. Would be interested to see your comments on which one you preferred.

Felicia by Alain Norte

Bulldog loving featured artist, Alain Norte is showcasing a very cool Felicia from Darkstalkers but two amazing sequential samples of Aspen. I love seeing how a final image is built up from loose sketches. Felicia Final : Felicia Sketch : Felicia Sketch 2 : Really love to showcase sequential work, it’s a lot more difficult […]

Hulk in the Rain – Competition Winner

The winner to the Hulk in the Rain competition as chosen by the artist Lee Sargent . . . Congratulations to Fox for the winning entry. Your prize is on its way! Special thanks to Lee Sargent ( for donating such an amazing prize. With more than 30 different entries, this one wasn’t an easy […]

Elmo on Google Homepage

A few days ago Cookie Monster was on the Google homepage, today it’s Elmo! For a little bit of trivia, Elmo appeared as Elmo on 18 November 1985. “Elmo happy to appear on Google homepage!” As much as I love Elmo, Cookie Monster will always be my favourite of the Sesame Street characters. However Elmo […]