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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Iron-Man by James Nguyen

Featured artist James Nguyen is showcasing a recent Iron-Man piece! Be sure to check out his latest project Alpha Red Comic! Coloured with Markers : Finished in Photoshop :

Flash – Kotobuyika – Statue

One more statue to add to my recent Iron Mark 42. This one is the Kotobuyika Flash from DC 52. Trying for a little bit of “speed” effect so I over exposed the photo. I’m still considering whether that was the right move. Let me know your thoughts!

Iron Man – Mark 42 – Pop! – 23 Marvel

In time for the new Iron Man 3 movie, the Mark 42 armour. The Pop! Marvel collection is a little hit and miss, they all look pretty good however the paint job and quality varies quite a bit from figure to figure. (Took me a while to find a nice Mark 42!) Couldn’t resist this […]

Iron Man – Taciano – Magdalena – Di Amorim

More incredible auctions from Di Amorim. Click on the below artwork to be taken to the respective eBay auctions. There’s a lot of artwork currently on offer so be sure to check out what’s on sale! (Love the first piece of a praying Magdalena by Di Amorim!) Magdalena by Di Amorim : Iron Man by […]

Artwork Inked by Ernest Jocson

Ernest Joscson is a professional comic book inker from the Philippines who has worked in various companies including TopCow and Marvel. The below is a showcase of his inking work over some pencils. Especially like the inks over Stephen Splatt‘s Iron-Man, it really brings out the details. Thor (pencils by David Finch) Magneto (pencils by […]

Galactus by Rémi Dousset

41 year old French Rémi Dousset has provided a step by step Galactus showcase. I’ve featured Iron Man Sketch Cards 1 and Iron Man Sketch Cards 2 previously on this site. He currently works as a designer (characters, props, screen design) in the animation field from series like Totally Spies, Martin Mystery to Inspector Gadget […]

More Iron Man Sketch Cards by Rémi Dousset

As a follow up the previous Iron Man post, I thought it would be great to showcase the final few sketch cards by Rémi Dousset. My favourite of the three would have the Nick Fury (the 616 universe version rather than the Samuel L Jackson Ultimate version). I did love how in Iron Man 2, […]

Iron Man Sketch Cards by Rémi Dousset

Upcoming featured artist Rémi Dousset has allowed me to showcase a sneak preview of his work, some amazing Iron Man 2 sketch cards. It’s hard to capture details in sketch cards but these are great. I particularly like the Iron Monger one (bottom left). Would love to hear in the comments which ones you liked.

Iron Man – Scarlet Witch – eBay ACEO by Dion Hamill

More incredible ACEO cards from Dion Hamill. Dion has the most incredible images and these ones are also on eBay (click on the picture to reach the auction). Both pieces are painted using gouache on stiff quality illustration board. Remember if you like the piece, bid high and bid often. The Iron Man showcase is […]

Ironman by Kareem Ahmed

Interview with Kareem. The weekend before his interview post was about to go up, Kareem emailed me a couple of his more recent works. I liked the pencils so much I thought I’d just post them up today!