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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Maid, Mike Crichlow, Tennis and Spam

A mixed bag of a post with a new drawing by featured artist Mike Crichlow. I think it’s a very cool piece, especially love the expression on her face! I haven’t been posting up as much as I would have liked with a lot of my time taken up with the Australian Open. The finals […]

Gyoza – Canon G11 – Photo

Been a while since the last food post and I thought it would be a great opportunity to test out my new Canon G11. Whilst not as sharp as a 40D SLR, it still can create some crisp images even in the below low light conditions with the aperture opened to 2.8. Anyway . . […]

Phoenix Jean Grey – Princess Leia by Pasquale Qualano

I didn’t get the opportunity to showcase all of Pasquale‘s amazing work last time. Both these pieces have an amazing style, although I’m more partial to the Princess Leia piece even compared with his previous Zatanna work. On another note altogether, wishing everyone a very happy Australia Day on the 26 Jan 2010. For those […]

Parcel in the mail – Threadless T-Shirt – ET – Owl – City

It’s been a great day in the mailbox for me, first Frankie’s amazing present to my Threadless T-Shirts! I love the fantastic envelope it comes in. The below are photos of the actual shirts themselves so excuse any wrinkles. The ET Phone Home design is especially cute, so if you see someone wearing one of […]

Parcel in the mail – Frankie Washington – Wonder Woman

I’ve received some extraordinary parcels from Frank Kadar and Troy Parke. Yesterday from previous featured artist Frankie Washington, the original Wonder Woman sketch and Marooned on Mogo arrived! I definitely count myself lucky to own an original Wonder Woman sketch from a fantastic art, just need to frame and get this one on the wall. […]

Fox and Tiger by Dion Hamill

Previous featured artist Dion Hamill (who also did an amazing Star Wars step by step guide) is sharing his experience on another project. This one is a children’s book called “Fox and Tiger”. Final Image : Dion Hamill – Guest Post I also enjoy technical challenges, like how to solve an illustration problem quickly but […]

Zatanna by Pasquale Qualano

A great Zatanna showcase by Pasquale Qualano, I think the rabbit was a very cute touch. Checking through previous posts, it seems like Zatanna is one of the favourite characters to be done. How do you think this piece compares to the previous artists’ representations? Zatanna by Dion Hamill Zatanna by Dean Juliette

The One by Pasquale Qualano

For Christmas, I managed to sneak in one of Pasquale’s artwork. Now I have the opportunity of posting up more, showcasing his works on The One. His preliminary sketch is brilliant, capturing the movement of the horse as the rider pulls back on the reins. The final colours are muted but excellent. Preliminary Sketch : […]

Wolverine Sketch Card by Michael Bridges

An amazing showcase by Michael Bridges. The pencil work is fantastic especially the tonal work and the shading. As a bonus, there’s also video of the Michael doing the sketch. Be sure to check it out. Video Link : Step by Step Video Also if you are interested to purchase one of Michael’s commissions click […]

Apple iPhone 16G 3GS Applications

I mentioned it briefly at the end of Frank Kadar’s Supergirl post but I’m still playing with my new iPhone! It’s extremely nifty combining a lot of functionality into such a small device. It’ll be back to regular artist interviews and showcases next week. I couldn’t resist showing off my new toy for the moment! […]