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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Phoenix – Marvel Women Series

For some nostalgia, I have put up the various featured artists’ impression of Phoenix, one of Marvel’s iconic characters. Would love to hear your thoughts on which ones you liked! You can click on the heading to see the original post it appeared in. Phoenix – David Enciso Phoenix – Frank Kadar Phoenix – Pasquale […]

Powergirl – Goblin Queen – Phoenix Sketches by Di Amorim

Lady Death artist Di Amorim has more great original artwork on offer on eBay. (Check last post for some of the previous highlights.) Make sure you get your bids in or you might miss out on some amazing pieces, click on the picture below to link to the auction. Powergirl : Goblin Queen : Phoenix […]

Lady Death by Di Amorim

Di Amorin will be the next featured artist on this site. I thought it would be great to provide a quick sneak peek on some of the amazing work he did on Lady Death – War of the Winds. Check back very soon on this site for the full interview and more amazing art from […]

Black Widow – Kitty Pride – Mary Jane – Black Cat by Di Amorim

Upcoming featured artist Di Amorim (who’s done some amazing Lady Death work!) has some amazing original art available on his eBay Site. As you know, good artwork is always hard to find so bid high and bid often! You can click on any of the pictures to be taken directly to the auctions. I personally […]

Notre Dame Gargoyle – Paris – Photo – eBay

A while ago I posted a photo of a Gargoyle sitting atop Notre Dame in Paris. I liked how this photo turned out, especially the Paris cityscape in the background. There’s a few photos I’ve listed on my eBay page, bid high and often if you like ’em or just click on the below photo. […]

Rogue – Elektra – Psylocke – eBay – Dean Juliette

More artwork on sale from featured artist Dean Juliette. Check out his eBay Site to see all the artwork he is on offer. (You can also click on the sketches below to be taken to respective auction.) The Rogue sketch is easily my favourite, very sexy pose and detailed! Rogue (X-Men) : Elektra : Psyclocke […]

Wonder Woman – Rolling Stones by Jamie Tyndall

Previous featured artist Jamie Tyndall is showcasing another amazing Wonder Woman Rolling Stones Cover. I love the overlay of his sketch onto a cover template! Especially love the detail on the corset. To own a copy of own of Jamie Tyndall’s incredible prints visit his eBay site. Remember to bid high and bid often! Wonder […]

Twilight – Bella Action Figure – WTF

Was doing some shopping over the weekend and I came across the Twilight action figure set. While most of the other characters had cool “special abilities” like super strength or super speed, I think poor Bella got ripped off. I doubt I would class being Accident Prone or Attracts Bad Luck as special abilities.

Phoenix – Darth Vader – Tygra by Rémi Dousset

After an amazing Galactus showcase by featured artist Rémi Dousset, I thought it would be great to showcase more of his works. All three below showcases are fantastic, I especially the Tygra (Thundercats have a certain nostalgia with me) bust. Darth Vader : Phoenix : Tygra (Thundercats) :

Galactus by Rémi Dousset

41 year old French Rémi Dousset has provided a step by step Galactus showcase. I’ve featured Iron Man Sketch Cards 1 and Iron Man Sketch Cards 2 previously on this site. He currently works as a designer (characters, props, screen design) in the animation field from series like Totally Spies, Martin Mystery to Inspector Gadget […]