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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Project Tabby – Act 2 – Page 12 & 13

Click for Act 2 – Page 10 & 11 Roughs. While Tabby and his family are searching for the other family of cats who have come into their neighborhood, the other family of cats are enjoying their stole spoils! Huge update on Project Tabby, all the pages have now been pencilled and inked. It’s great […]

Scarlet Witch and Vision by Frank Kadar

Amazing Artist Proof by Frank Kadar of Scarlet Witch and Vision now available on eBay. This one is a Marvel 75th Anniversary Artist Proof Sketch Card and is hand painted by Frank. Bid high and bid often! Scarlet Witch & Vision Artist Proof :

Project Tabby – Act 2 – Page 10 & 11

Click for Act 2 – Page 9 Roughs. The story switches from the 2 kittens back to Tabby and his family. Tabby is just about to discover that his family has had their fish stolen by a new family of cats and he’s not too pleased. Page Act 2 – Page 10 roughs : Page […]

Psychosis by Adam Atkinson and David Coates

Click here for the Kickstarter project. Psychosis is written by Adam Atkinson and pencilled by David Coates. I was provided a preview copy and some of Adam’s time to discuss his work. The project has been funded so it will definitely go ahead, it’s a good opportunity to get some of the stretch goals. Psychosis […]

Project Tabby – Act 2 – Page 9

Click for Act 2 – Page 6,7 & 8 Roughs. After the 2 kittens have stolen the fish, they enjoys the spoils! I really enjoyed writing this section of the story with the 2 kittens. Page Act 2 – Page 9 roughs :

Dark Souls by A. R. Hicks

Click here for the Kickstarter project. Dark Souls follows the adventures of Macroy and his companion Rockfel as they try to stop an ancient invading evil force of dragons known as the Morrigan from opening door to Netherlem and enveloping the world in complete darkness. Cover : Sample Interior : As you mentioned in your […]

Project Tabby – Act 2 – Page 6, 7 & 8

Click for Act 2 – Page 1 Roughs. This is my favourite sequence of Act 2 where the two kittens (from the different families) work together to steal some fish! Page Act 2 – Page 6 roughs : Page Act 2 – Page 7 roughs : Page Act 2 – Page 8 roughs :

Project Tabby – Act 1 Page 5 – Detailed Pencils

Check out Page 4 detailed pencils. I’ll be alternating between showing the roughs and the detailed pencils by artist P.R. Dedelis. This one is a nice action sequence as the local animal control person chases out the family of cats. Page 5 Pencils : Page 5 Roughs :