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Supernatural – Swan Song – Season 5 Finale

The season finale of Supernatural plays more like a series finale (although there is a little tidbit at the end for Season 6). Season 6 will see Eric Kripke depart as the showrunner. The original plan was for the series to end with this episode but due to increased ratings, one more season was greenlighted. I’d share my thoughts on it but first some previews of the episode.

Swan Song Promo :

Swan Song Promo 2 :

This episode closes off the Apocalypse story arc with the final battle between Michael and Lucifer. I really enjoyed the episode and the foreshadowing (and narration) by Chuck the prophet. While not the perfect happy ending, it is an ending that closes off a lot of the loose ends. While I’m trying not to spoil too much of the plot, if you haven’t seen the episode, you might want to stop reading now.

Last chance.

I thought the writing was exceptional without a deus ex machina (pun intended) to stop the final fight between the Michael and Lucifer. In the end, Dean and Sam chose family and both Michael and Lucifer (of is he?) trapped again. It was a great wrap up and nice to see Dean finally getting some happiness with Lisa. (Wow . . this is really being to read like a soap opera!)

Anyway . . I’m a little iffy on Season 6. I’ve read it’s a return to the monster of the week episodes whilst trying to repair the relationship between the brothers. Will definitely check it out when it returns to air. Also it would be nice to see if Chuck is really Gabriel, which was hinted at as well.

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  1. Farmerswifey says:

    Supernatural is my favourite show…..I’m getting ready to watch the finale so I stopped reading….apparently the next series is contracted but hasn’t been made yet. I am so happy about this..

  2. […] Supernatural has concluded in 2010, with the closure of Sam’s soul story arc. I’ve just seen the newest episode (S06E12) and it’s a great start picking up on the “monster purgatory” storyline. A new villain is introduced as the “Mother of All” portrayed by Julia Maxwell. Can’t wait for the rest of this season to see how this develops! […]

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