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DC Women of Legend – Frank Kadar – Sketch Cards

Some of Frank Kadar’s sketch cards from the upcoming DC Women of Legend card set (Release date is 13-Sep-13). It’s a 63 card base set with Sketch cards (1:24 packs) and Totally Fabricated costume cards (1:96 packs). Be sure to check out Frank’s Facebook Page!

Fantastic Four Sketchcards – Frankie Washington – FF 02 – Epting – Hickman

Some of the Marvel Beginning sketch cards by Frankie Washington are currently on sale. This is a unique opportunity to pick some amazing pieces of original artwork. Remind to bid high and bid often if you like ’em! Click on the respective card to be taken directly to the eBay auctions. (More sketch card auctions […]

Marvel Beginnings – More Sketch Cards – Frankie Washington

The last post was a sneak peek into Frankie Washington’s sketch cards on Marvel Beginnings – Series 1 which is getting released April. It’s a 180 card set. My favourite from all his sketch cards is this Doctor Octopus. Configuration: 7 Cards per Pack 24 Packs per Box 12 Boxes per Case Product Highlights: Chase […]

Marvel Dangerous Divas Trading Cards Frank Kadar Sketch Cards

I recently showcased Frankie Washington’s sketch card on Thor set. Today’s showcase is Frank Kadar‘s artwork on the upcoming (23-Mar-11) Marvel Dangerous Divas set from Rittenhouse Archives. Each are unique and one coloured sketch card is available per box. Would love to hear your thoughts on which card from Frank you liked best. Previous featured […]

More Iron Man Sketch Cards by Rémi Dousset

As a follow up the previous Iron Man post, I thought it would be great to showcase the final few sketch cards by Rémi Dousset. My favourite of the three would have the Nick Fury (the 616 universe version rather than the Samuel L Jackson Ultimate version). I did love how in Iron Man 2, […]

Iron Man Sketch Cards by Rémi Dousset

Upcoming featured artist Rémi Dousset has allowed me to showcase a sneak preview of his work, some amazing Iron Man 2 sketch cards. It’s hard to capture details in sketch cards but these are great. I particularly like the Iron Monger one (bottom left). Would love to hear in the comments which ones you liked.