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5 Seconds – 2 Weeks – Rogue and Gambit

There’s just under 2 weeks (13 days) left for the 5 SECONDS Kickstarter. We’re currently 80% of the way there at just over $3000! This sketch of Rogue and Gambit is being offered as one of the rewards (detailed sketch) from the artist P.R. Dedelis. P.R. has mentioned the Rogue and Gambit is his favourite […]

5 Seconds – Week One – Robin Hood Sketch

The first week for the 5 SECONDS Kickstarter is now over. We’re past the halfway (50%) funding mark and making our way to the target. A big thank you to those who have pledged and shared the link around. This would not be possible without all the support provided by everyone. All the support I […]

5 Seconds – Day One – Star Wars Sketch

Day one for the 5 SECONDS Kickstarter is now done. It has been an amazing 24 hours but I don’t want to jinx it. It’ll be amazing to get this project funded as this is a really fun story I wanted to tell. As a special treat, I have included one of the detailed sketches […]

Darth Vader by Frank Kadar

This amazing Darth Vader piece by Frank Kadar is currently on auction on eBay. It’s a 11″ x 17″ inked piece on bristol vellum. Absolutely perfect for framing and displaying the most famous Sith! (As long as you remember Darth Vader from the original trilogy rather than the prequel.) Darth Vader :

Slave Leia by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has an amazing Slave Leia available through an eBay Auction. Slave Leia has to be one of the most recognisable forms of fan service. I wonder if George Lucas was thinking how can I get Carrie Fisher in a bikini for the last part of the Star Wars trilogy. There was […]

Boba Fett by Jason Baroody

Interested in becoming a featured artist? Click for submissions Click here to check Jason’s work on Clea. Just had to showcase one more piece by featured artist Jason Baroody. I like how the final photoshoped colours (especially the various shades of brown) really add to the piece. Enjoy! Pencils Inked with Photoshop Colours