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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Word Smith – Page 15 – Lightning

Link to Project Word Smith. Almost ready for Word Smith Kickstarter to launch! Everything is slowly falling into place now. This is the one of my favourite pages from storyboard to the full colours. Victoria and Dimitri are steering the airship through a lightning storm! Word Smith – Page 6 :

Word Smith – Page 6

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch and this is the storyboard and pencils for page 6. In this page, something has gone wrong with one of Victoria’s word! I love seeing a page develop from the roughs into the final product. Word Smith – Page […]

Word Smith – Reward Sketch

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch and I’m excited to show two of the reward sketches. The original pencils will be available as a reward pledge when the Kickstarter launches. It’ll be a fantastic piece to add to your original art collection. Word Smith – […]

Word Smith – Work in Progress

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch and I’m excited to show more work in progress. This one is Victoria visiting Bonnie at her patisserie. It’s always great to see how the rough sketches develop to the detailed pencils. Word Smith – Work in Progress :

Sigmate Studio – The Second Year

A lot can happen in a year. The first year was absolutely amazing in which I launched 2 graphic novels, Tabby and Tabby Sketchbook. Tabby is currently in over 150+ public libraries across Australia and New Zealand. It is truly humbling to imagine someone borrowing and reading your work. Dec 2015 I received some amazing […]

5 Seconds – First Library – First Store

I received 2 incredible pieces of information today! I found out that 5 Seconds is now in its first Australian library and first Australian comic book store! Where can I borrow 5 Seconds? Ashfield Library was the first library to have both Tabby and Tabby Sketchbook. Now it’s incredible for 5 Seconds to be included […]

5 Seconds – Page 1 – Panel Explanation

Sharing the first page of 5 Seconds explaining the different type of panels in the 5 Seconds comics. There is a different panel design for Past, Present and Future. The Past panels have a more sepia hue to it while the Future panels are washed out. The distinction was important in writing as it helps […]

5 Seconds – First Printing

The first print run of 5 Seconds is done after the edits to the proof copies! It’s an amazing feeling opening the box and seeing your graphic novel staring right back at you. Printing services supplied by Comic Books On Demand. First Printing :

5 Seconds – Proof – Sketches

It’s an exciting time in the 5 Seconds project! I have received the proof copies of 5 Seconds which will need a full review to make sure everything is perfect. At a first glance though, it looks all great. Printing services supplied by Comic Books On Demand. Cover : The reward sketches from P.R. Dedelis […]

Iron Man – Taciano – Magdalena – Di Amorim

More incredible auctions from Di Amorim. Click on the below artwork to be taken to the respective eBay auctions. There’s a lot of artwork currently on offer so be sure to check out what’s on sale! (Love the first piece of a praying Magdalena by Di Amorim!) Magdalena by Di Amorim : Iron Man by […]

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