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Rogue – Starfire – New 52 – Arie Monroe

Previous featured artist Arie Monroe (who did an amazing pillow fight piece between Harley and Poison Ivy) is currently finalising some artwork for an anthology and new pin up calendar. Arie also has some original works on sale on eBay. Be sure to check it out if there’s anything that interests you! I especially like […]

Walking Dead – Gotham City Sirens – Rogue – Frank Kadar

More original artwork from feature artist Frank Kadar currently on eBay. Click on any of the below pictures to be taken directly to the eBay auction. Remember to bid high and bid often for you chance to win one of these incredible pieces. This might also be a little late but Happy New Year to […]

X-Men by Marcelo Mueller

One more showcase from Marcelo Mueller. If you didn’t bid from the previous post, Marcelo’s Elektra and Spider-Man has sold. If you like his work you can still request a commission!

X-23 – Rachel Summers – Dangerous Diva – Frank Kadar

From Marvel Dangerous Divas, 2 amazing Artist Proofs from featured artist Frank Kadar. (Frank has worked on numerous sketch cards for different sets and his works are always sought after!) This is a one in a kind collectible and can not be found in the Dangerous Diva set. Click on the picture to be taken […]

Psylocke ACEO by Dion Hamill

A Psylocke ACEO current on eBay by Dion Hamill. This is one is gouache on stiff illustration board. I prefer Psylocke over the previous Cyclops ACEO. This pose seems a little more dynamic!

Cyclops ACEO by Dion Hamill

Another painted ACEO from featured artist Dion Hamill, this time a painted ACEO of X-Men Scott Summers (Cyclops). As a character, he got more interesting after breaking up with Jean to be with Emma Frost but that’s just me. This piece is available on eBay (or click on picture below) so if you like it […]

Rogue – Elektra – Psylocke – eBay – Dean Juliette

More artwork on sale from featured artist Dean Juliette. Check out his eBay Site to see all the artwork he is on offer. (You can also click on the sketches below to be taken to respective auction.) The Rogue sketch is easily my favourite, very sexy pose and detailed! Rogue (X-Men) : Elektra : Psyclocke […]

Zombie X-Men Nightcrawler and Beast by Gary Baldwin

26 year old Gary Badwin from Valley of Wales, United Kingdom is sharing some of his artwork. This showcased is based on the Zombie versions of 2 famous X-Men, Beast and Nightcrawler. Although it’s a little gruesome, it’s still some very cool artwork. Zombie Beast Inked : Zombie Beast Coloured : Zombie Nightcrawler Inked : […]

Wolverine by Ryan Benjamin and Adam Cline

An impressive Wolverine showcase to start off 2010 with pencils by Ryan Benjamin with inks and colours done by previous featured artist Adam Cline. Love the dynamic angle of the sketch (looks like he’s just about to pounce into a fight) and the colouring is superb! Wolverine – Pencils : Wolverine – Inks : Wolverine […]

Christmas X-Men Rogue by Dean Juliette

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, I thought it’d be a great chance to showcase some Christmas artwork. Christmas Rogue by featured artist Dean Juliette. This piece is currently on eBay so if interested, bid high and bid often. Christmas Rogue I’m always amazed with the effort that Dean puts into the backgrounds for […]