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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Darth Vader by Frank Kadar

This amazing Darth Vader piece by Frank Kadar is currently on auction on eBay. It’s a 11″ x 17″ inked piece on bristol vellum. Absolutely perfect for framing and displaying the most famous Sith! (As long as you remember Darth Vader from the original trilogy rather than the prequel.) Darth Vader :

Phoenix – Marvel Women Series

For some nostalgia, I have put up the various featured artists’ impression of Phoenix, one of Marvel’s iconic characters. Would love to hear your thoughts on which ones you liked! You can click on the heading to see the original post it appeared in. Phoenix – David Enciso Phoenix – Frank Kadar Phoenix – Pasquale […]

Phoenix – Darth Vader – Tygra by Rémi Dousset

After an amazing Galactus showcase by featured artist Rémi Dousset, I thought it would be great to showcase more of his works. All three below showcases are fantastic, I especially the Tygra (Thundercats have a certain nostalgia with me) bust. Darth Vader : Phoenix : Tygra (Thundercats) :

Star Wars – To Catch a Princess by Dion Hamill

Featured artist Dion Hamill is today’s guest author as he describes in detail the step by step process involved in creating this particular showcase piece. The final result is absolutely amazing! Dion Hamill – Guest Post : I thought I would create a short step by step for my latest artwork featuring some Star Wars […]