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May 2009
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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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A&W Root Beer

A&W Root Beer is easily my favourite drink. Especially when served in a chilled glass mug, it’s so absolutely refreshing. Better than any milkshake or green tea latte. *sigh*

Ironman by Kareem Ahmed

Interview with Kareem. The weekend before his interview post was about to go up, Kareem emailed me a couple of his more recent works. I liked the pencils so much I thought I’d just post them up today!

Batman by Kareem Ahmed

26 year old Kareem Ahmed hails from Cairo, Egypt. Although current working as a graphic artist, story boarder and conceptual artist for various gaming characters, he’s looking to break into the comic industry. He mentioned that he wants to maintain a high level of detail while showing the subject from difficult angles. Are you working […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 07

Interview with the creator Vitor Cafaggi. A double strip! I couldn’t split this one up into 2 weeks as this was Peter’s first forage into photography! Love any strip that Mary Jane makes an appearance.

Photography – Char Kway Teow Cooking

Awesome food photography in low lighting conditions by Toshio. Following on from the Char Kway Teow post, having a nice hot charcoal fire adds something very special to meal. Street vendor cooking char kway teow over a charcoal fire : Close up on the wok and the charcoal fire :

Dusk by David Doub

Dusk follows Eve and her vampire benefactor, Ash through a dark underworld. The graphic novel is divided into four volumes written by David Doub and pencilled by several artists. Can you provide a brief synopsis? What’s Eve role in the story? Eve’s original concern was holding her marriage together, despite the abuse she endured at […]

Free Comic Book Day

Love Free Comic Book Day! I’ve seen Cookie Monster taking care of a cookie shop but today I saw Elmo catching up with the latest in comic news! Looks like he’s excited with the new direction that Spider-man may be taking. With a sale on at my local comic place, I picked up (in addition […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 06

Interview with the creator Vitor Cafaggi. This strip is one of my favourites. With all the problems the various goblins (Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin etc.) have caused him, it only makes sense that he has some phobia of them.