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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Launch of City of Abacus by VV Brown and David Allain

Last May, I featured an upcoming comic City of Abacus by the gorgeous VV Brown and David Allain. I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of it. (Thanks Ben Moore!) There are 7 comics released monthly until November 2010 and it will be compiled into a TPB this December. Other cool stuff like an [...]

Dellec by Micah Gunnell

Previous featured artist Micah Gunnell provided an amazing step by step as his previous showcase. For this post, I thought it would be great to show his amazing sequential skills. Dellec #3 was released 14-Apr-10 and is part of a 6 issue series. If you like the artwork be sure to check out your comic [...]

Supernatural High by Jamie Tyndall

Featured artist Jamie Tyndall is able to combine sketches with some digital graphics to create the most impressive artwork. His sequential artwok on Supernatural High is a perfect showcase.
Cover :
Standard sketches with a pentagram in the background. It’s a wonderful fusion of different techniques.

Interior :

Some fantastic pencils. The details are incredible, especially one of the [...]

All Star Superman

Over the weekend, I picked up Morrison and Quitely All Star Superman Volume 1 and 2. It collects the first twelve issues of the series and it’s absolutely a treat. This is one of the best Superman series I have read in a long while. It’s bring a lot of ideas into place from Bizzaro [...]

PLB Comics Presents 02

Yesterday’s post was a showcase of Issue 01. It’ll be worth checking out some of the great artwork that has carried forth into Issue 02.
Copies are available from
Cover of Issue 02 : (Variant)

2 Page Spread – Click to see full size :

PLB Comics Presents 01

PLB Comics Presents is anthology of various works from different comic artists showcasing their works. I had the opportunity to talk to one of the creators behind the series Josh Shockley to ask him how it all started.

Cover for Issue 01 :

Page 8 (Black and White) :

Page 8 (Colour) :

So how did it all start?
PLB [...]

Wingman by James Nguyen

As a followup from James Nguyen’s interview and showcase piece, he has provided some of his sequential works for Wingman. Very fluid work and it conveys a story even without any dialogue.
He’s keeping the below story secret but has stated :
Wingman is my new adventure in comics! Keep your eyes peeled! I [...]

Free Comic Book Day

Love Free Comic Book Day! I’ve seen Cookie Monster taking care of a cookie shop but today I saw Elmo catching up with the latest in comic news! Looks like he’s excited with the new direction that Spider-man may be taking.

With a sale on at my local comic place, I picked up (in addition to [...]

Photoshop Tutorial – Colouring by Sean Harrington

Looking for a photoshop tutorial to colour your artwork? From Sean’s original post, he was kind enough to do a step by step breakdown of the process involved.
Red Sonja Colouring Process by Sean Harrington
Step 1:
This is the initial pencil sketch that will be the basis of the picture. I don’t bother with really clean lines [...]

Red Sonja by Sean Harrington

Sean is also one of the most impressive artist I’ve seen and has done some amazing digital colouring works. His Red Sonja showcases his work from sketch through the colouring process to finished product.
Initial Sketch :

Colouring :

Final Product

How long have you been drawing?
I’ve been drawing pretty well my whole life. Being an [...]

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