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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Ayam Goreng Sambal

It’s a been a while since the last food post. Thought I’d share this one, it’s the most incredible sambal (chilli) at this Indonesian restaurant. You can see the chilli seeds literally dripping in the sauce. Their specialty is fried chicken (Ayam Goreng), it’s very hot but oh so good.

Tea and Scones

Tea and scones are the perfect afternoon snack (or if you are Malaysia curry puffs are the go!) From a tea shop in Sydney CBD, this one’s a favourite secret spot of mine. Fresh scones with cream and strawberry jam : A good scone can’t be too dry and maintain a texture in between a […]

Ramen with pork spare rib

A very traditional ramen with thick broth served by an eatery in one of the food courts in Sydney CBD. The pork spare rib ramen is limited to 10 bowls a day so it’s something I had to try. Ramen with pork spare ribs : The broth was made using over 120kg of pork bones […]

Pomegranate Frogurt

A previous post discussed the various kind of milkshake flavours. Now in the world of frogurt (frozen yogurt) there’s pomegranate yogurt. A fresh but rather delicious taste.

Photography – Char Kway Teow Cooking

Awesome food photography in low lighting conditions by Toshio. Following on from the Char Kway Teow post, having a nice hot charcoal fire adds something very special to meal. Street vendor cooking char kway teow over a charcoal fire : Close up on the wok and the charcoal fire :

Malaysian Teh (Tea) and Curry Puff

A very Malaysian snack of a cup of hot tea with condensed milk (mmm sweet) and two curry puffs! Unfortunately these curry puffs were filled with potatoes only. Would have tasted better with a little bit of chicken in them. The cups are also pretty distinctively Malaysian, the type you’ll find in your regular kopi […]

Another Green Tea Ice-Cream

Another Green Tea Ice-Cream from a sushi shop in Sydney’s northern suburbs. Except this time wafers instead of cornflakes were used and this version was topped with fresh strawberries. The ice-cream was home made and was very delicious!

Another Green Tea Cappucino

Sometime last year I posted a photo of a Green Tea Cappucino with heart design on the froth. On a recent visit I noticed the design had been changed to flowers. Still tastes great! Troy Parke : Also previous featured artist Troy Parke will be at the Sports Cards / Collectibles Show at the Tacoma, […]