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Wonder Woman – Zatanna – Christmas by Cedric Poulat

A nice Christmas post showcasing some amazing artwork by Cedric Poulat. Make sure you check out his Deviant Art page for more his work! Wishing all readers of this site, a very Merry Christmas. Hope everyone has a safe and fantastic holidays. Wonder Woman : I especially like this one even though I’m a Zatanna […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 08

It’s a countdown now to 2011. Hope everyone has a very happy New Year! I’m very pleased to showcase the final page of the small project Lana I’ve been working with Sean Harrington. The final result was beyond my expectation especially with Sean’s pencils/layouts/colouring. The intent was for this to a “clip show” piece and […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 07

Firstly Merry Christmas all! Wishing you and your families all the best during this festive period. This is the penultimate page (with the last page to come on New Year’s Eve). This is definitely the climax page (no pun intended) and there wasn’t really that much to write as it was mainly action sequences. I […]

Christmas Red Sonja – Mary Jane – Zatanna by Dean Juliette

Just in time for the holidays, Christmas themed artwork by Dean Juliette! Quite an assortment and they are all for sale! Click on the picture to be taken to the respective eBay auction. Red Sonja : Mary Jane : Zatanna : Supergirl :

Happy Catmas by Michael Bridges

A very cute Christmas piece by previous featured artist Michael Bridges. Ok, altogether now . . . awwwww . . . . I love the approaching Christmas season. It’s cliche but the world just seems a little nicer over this time of the new year or maybe that’s just me?

Christmas Card by Pasquale Qualano

Merry Christmas Y’all. Upcoming featured artist Pasquale Qualano is sharing a special Christmas showcase. (Pasquale’s interview will be up early 2010 so keep watching this space.) Wishing all readers a very happy and safe festive season. It was a very low key Christmas (no big parties) but still spending time with a family. I’m actually […]

Christmas – Supergirl – She-Hulk – Powergirl – Mary Jane by Dean Juliette

Featured artist Dean Juliette has showcased some amazing Christmas Sketches. This post is a final showcase of his Christmas themed artwork. Death contemplating the silver bells is easily my favourite piece of the four although Dean’s stated that “the She-hulk . . it’s really a crazy one.” Powergirl and Supergirl : Death : She-Hulk : […]

Christmas X-Men Rogue by Dean Juliette

With Christmas less than 2 weeks away, I thought it’d be a great chance to showcase some Christmas artwork. Christmas Rogue by featured artist Dean Juliette. This piece is currently on eBay so if interested, bid high and bid often. Christmas Rogue I’m always amazed with the effort that Dean puts into the backgrounds for […]