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January 2010
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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Wolverine by Ryan Benjamin and Adam Cline

An impressive Wolverine showcase to start off 2010 with pencils by Ryan Benjamin with inks and colours done by previous featured artist Adam Cline. Love the dynamic angle of the sketch (looks like he’s just about to pounce into a fight) and the colouring is superb!

Wolverine – Pencils :
Wolverine Ryan Benjamin Adam Cline

Wolverine – Inks :
Wolverine Ryan Benjamin Adam Cline

Wolverine – Final :
Wolverine Ryan Benjamin Adam Cline

For more of Ryan’s work check out :

For more of Adam’s work check out :
Adam’s Deviant Art

Hope everyone had a very Happy New Year. Hard to believe that 2009 is now over and it’s the start of a whole new decade. Will the previous decade has been aptly named the noughties, I wonder what we will call the next ten years . . perhaps the teens?

3 Responses to “Wolverine by Ryan Benjamin and Adam Cline”

  1. lk77 says:

    Does Wolverine use his claws to shave?

  2. Absolutely phenomenal piece of artwork. Ryan uses non-photo blue pencils like I do yet stronger lines. The inking is off the charts, Adams degree of line weights really gives art dimension. The coloring is the icing, the muted back colors of the background help to pop out Wolverine’s yellow and blue uniform. It almost looks like a screen was a applied over the costume colors as well?
    Fantastic :)

  3. A. Cline says:

    :D nope no screen. just alot of tweeking until the whole scheme worked. im a sucker for a dull palette. this one is no exception. i wanted to make it a dim, apocalyptic scenary with green smoke and as if Wolverine just finished with a Sentinel. i doubt Ryan intended it to be a Sentinel but i figured it’d be a cool concept.

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