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Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 08

It’s a countdown now to 2011. Hope everyone has a very happy New Year! I’m very pleased to showcase the final page of the small project Lana I’ve been working with Sean Harrington. The final result was beyond my expectation especially with Sean’s pencils/layouts/colouring. The intent was for this to a “clip show” piece and […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 07

Firstly Merry Christmas all! Wishing you and your families all the best during this festive period. This is the penultimate page (with the last page to come on New Year’s Eve). This is definitely the climax page (no pun intended) and there wasn’t really that much to write as it was mainly action sequences. I […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 06

Action! Action! Everyone loves action. Only 2 more pages to go! This page was actually very easy to write as there wasn’t much dialogue involved. I left a lot of the actual angles etc. to Sean as he can do a fantastic job with action sequences. I guess it depends on the artist on how […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 05

Unlike the initial pages, there is very little dialogue on this page. The backstory was already explained so I think it was important to get straight into the action. (FYI – The story was scripted for 8 pages so it’s time to build up to the climax!) All completed pages will be collated in the […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 04

The letter here is more a foreshadow device that will link up the story in the end. As much as Lana’s cases are trivial and fun, they still have to make sense, right? I actually talked to the penciller Sean a little about of page, I love the way the sexy montage sequence turned out! […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 03

Similar to Page 2, I was envisioning a similar layout especially for a webcomic. However if this was for print, I would do a mirror image (with the long panel on the right side) so when you opened Page 2 and 3, it would look reversed. In terms of story writing, I actively wanted to […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 02

The second page of the collaboration with Sean Harrington. The page Sean did is absolutely perfect! (Hopefully my instructions made sense.) I was thinking of the best way to construct the page, to make it easiest to understand this was a “flashback” and still ground it in the conversation between Lana and the chief in […]

Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 01

I approached previous featured artist Sean Harrington with a pitch for his webcomic Spying with Lana. My basic storyline is our heroine, Lana is being stalked by a mysterious brunette. Over the next few weeks, there will be additional pages added as the story unfolds. Each page will include a full script breakdown so you […]

Spying with Flare by Sean Harrington

Featured artist Sean Harrington of Spying with Lana fame is showcasing the first crossover between Flare (Heroic Publishing) and Lana. The webcomic is serialised on Sean’s site. Front Cover : Interior Panels : So Sean, how did the idea for the cross over happen? A year or so ago, Dennis Mallonee who runs Heroic Publishing […]

Spying with Lana by Sean Harrington

Previous featured artist Sean Harrington did an amazing step by step photoshop tutorial for this site. He’s released a new comic Spying with Lana : Year One which is definitely worth checking out. How did you come up with the idea for “Spying with Lana”? I first got the idea for Lana when my brother […]