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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Spying with Lana – Sean Harrington – Mysterious Brunette – 03

Similar to Page 2, I was envisioning a similar layout especially for a webcomic. However if this was for print, I would do a mirror image (with the long panel on the right side) so when you opened Page 2 and 3, it would look reversed. In terms of story writing, I actively wanted to do a “recap” story of the previous cases so it was a fine line from providing enough information for new readers and not to repeat previous information for those who follow the series.

All completed pages will be collated in the below link :

Spying with Lana, spy, artwork, sexy, Sean Harrington, Mysterious Brunette


Review of previous story Case 4. Chief explains how footage on catfight with Frida went “missing”.

Similar panel layout to Page 2.

Panel 1 – Tall panel on the left.

Lana is looking at bunch of photos.
You can make out Frida (cowgirl) from the photos.
The chief is explaining more of the situation.

Chief : Remember Frida, the pole dancing, naked catfighting, flabby thigh cowgirl, head of security
for the Archduke?
Frida : Sounds familiar.
Chief : Well the mysterious brunette got to her too . . .

Panel 2 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : It was vicious.

Frida wearing nothing but the cowboy hat throws a right punch.
MB (Mysterious Brunette) steps out of the way. MB’s hair still covering her face.

Panel 3 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : Even though Frida told her everything she knew about you . .

Frida follows up a left punch.
MB blocks the punch.

Panel 4 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : She still challenged her to naked catfighting.

MB follows up with a vicious roundhouse with knocks Frida out.
Her hat goes flying up into the air.

Panel 5 – Flashback Panel

Chief voiceover : It may have seem closed but Frida was outclassed.

Frida collasped on the ground.
Similar to page 2, MB’s feet can be seen walking away.

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