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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Spying with Lana by Sean Harrington

Previous featured artist Sean Harrington did an amazing step by step photoshop tutorial for this site. He’s released a new comic Spying with Lana : Year One which is definitely worth checking out.

Spying with Lana Cover

How did you come up with the idea for “Spying with Lana”?

I first got the idea for Lana when my brother and I were doing a “writing exercise” where we would each come up with a concept and write a short story about it within a week. The concept I came up with was a spy named Lana and the story of her mixed-up missions. I’m still not much of a writer, so the writing exercises didn’t help a lot on that end, but I thought the character and the stories were fun, so I decided to turn them into a comic.

I checked out the preview and the stories are hilarious. Here’s a sample of the Spying with Lana.

Spying with Lana Interior

The publishing part in producing a comic can cause headaches. How did you find this process with Spying with Lana?

Publishing was pretty drama-free this time. I learned a lot from printing my first couple of books, mostly that book printers are the modern-day equivalent of highway robbers and snake oil salesmen (except without those nifty hats). However, when I had my graphic novel The Bikini Commando Squad printed by Ka-Blam it was a really straight-forward, easy and fraud-free experience so I’ve been doing all my printing with them ever since.

What’s the future hold in store for Spying with Lana?

Lana’s crazy and pointless cases will continue (now in full-color) and more of Lana’s fellow agents will be showing up, too. I hope to put out a couple of Spying with Lana books every year, as well as a yearly Lana calendar and a few other things like that.

Thanks for your time!
Good luck with future Spying with Lana issues.

Spying with Lana is available at :

Check out Sean’s site for more amazing artwork.

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  1. Thanks, Stephen! I appreciate you featuring my book on the site. Sigmatestudio.com is a great, fun site and it’s an honor to have my work be a part of it.


  2. Kirk Lindo says:

    I discovered Lana a few months ago via some of the ads you run on some websites. I love it! very funny! and a great read. I have to say, I really LOVE the spot red that you use in the art. Best of luck with it. You’ve got something great on your hands here!

  3. Cool stuff! Specially the cover.

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