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September 2009
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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Bayonetta by Jamie Tyndall

Upcoming featured artist has done an amazing Bayonetta for a competition for Wizard and Sega. Check out the finished product and the sketch below. More of his work and interview will be posted up soon! If you do like his work, please vote for him : Scroll down to the bottom, select Jamie Tyndall […]

Puny Parker – Vitor Cafaggi – 24

Nice ending from last week’s Christmas strip. I think it’s a cute finish with Peter falling asleep waiting for Santa Claus.

Aspen by Dean Juliette

I thought it’d be nice to contrast Frank Kadar’s Aspen with another rendition by previous featured artist Dean Juliette. Even though it was intentional, I think this one has some Megan Fox resemblances. She’d be perfect for the live action version! Love to hear your thoughts on what you thought of Frank’s and Dean’s rendition […]

All Star Superman

Over the weekend, I picked up Morrison and Quitely All Star Superman Volume 1 and 2. It collects the first twelve issues of the series and it’s absolutely a treat. This is one of the best Superman series I have read in a long while. It’s bring a lot of ideas into place from Bizzaro […]

Aspen (Megan Fox) by Frank Kadar

Previous featured artist Frank Kadar is showcasing an amazing Megan Fox as Aspen. Megan’s evidently a huge comic book geek and loves Michael Turner’s Fathom series. With rumours of Fathom being set to grace the big screen and Fox set to star as the lead, it’s nice to see how she would look in this […]

Marvel Projects Covers by Frank Kadar

Previous featured artist Frank Kadar has up on eBay some amazing artwork. These are all original sketches on the Marvel Projects variant cover. This is a rare opportunity to own some original work. Bid high and bid often! Click on the picture to be taken to the auction page. Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Black Cat […]

Viking by Adam Cline

More of Adam Cline‘s work. This time a sequential showcase. He has a distinctive story telling style. Enjoy! This one is titled “Black Grim the Devourer”. Page 1 : Page 2 :

Conan by Adam Cline

Born and raised in Delware, Adam is showcasing an impressive Conan cover he did for “Covered”. The detail and the inks are incredible and the final coloured piece is extremely detailed. Final Coloured : Preliminary Sketch : Inked : Where you always into comics? Ever since I was a young kid, during the early 90’s, […]