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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Conan by Adam Cline

Born and raised in Delware, Adam is showcasing an impressive Conan cover he did for “Covered”. The detail and the inks are incredible and the final coloured piece is extremely detailed.

Final Coloured :

Preliminary Sketch :

Inked :

Where you always into comics?

Ever since I was a young kid, during the early 90’s, I collected comic books of all genres, but mostly super-hero ones like Spider-Man (Todd McFarlane), Wolverine (Marc Silvestri), and X-Men (Jim Lee). My love for the comic book medium (and Ninja Turtles) is what introduced me to the world of art and it’s been a constant throughout my life. At the age of 20 I moved west to Fort Collins, Colorado. Ever since then, I’ve simply been working at improving my style and trying to get my art out to the public as much as possible.

You’ve got a very distinctive style. Kind of “Hellboy” (Mike Mignola) like! Can you elaborate on your work?

It’s always changing, so it’s difficult to explain, but right now I’d say I like a lot of black. I like a lot of dark, low-contrast, flat colors. Sometimes I’ll throw in some bright colors, but I believe that’s just to make the darks stand out even more when necessary. It seems I outline just about everything and I tend to utilize sharp angles as opposed to curves.

As far as the mood of my art goes: the gloomier, the better. I think my art reflects a lot about who I am as a person. I’m usually a pessimistic, dim-witted mute.

How do you develop your art?
Any special training?

Until high school came around, I was strictly self-taught. I’d say my only exposure to art was comic books. I’d emulate a lot of the poses and character designs. A ton of my time was spent mostly on creating my own characters, giving them storylines, and basically making my own little universe.

However when high school came, I learned so much more about art outside of the comic book scene. My vocation was Visual Communications so it was much more commercial art-based like designing logos or magazine covers and that sort of thing.

It wasn’t until I went to art college that my art skills dramatically improved. While there, I was introduced to many classic fine artists like Howard Pyle and El Greco. My major was Illustration, but I also learned about photography, graphic design, and even web design. Visiting museums gave me a huge abundance of knowledge as well. I’ll always be self-taught, but schooling was a fundamentally strong base for me. I took what I was taught and brought it back to where my love for art originated.

Thanks for your time and comments as well as letting me showcase your work!

For more on Adam Cline check out his website :

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