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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Ryo’s Ramen – Crows Nest

Ryo’s Ramen situated in Crows Nest is one of the trinity of ramen shops in Sydney (which includes Genki in Artarmon & Menya in the CBD). Off the three places, Ryo’s is my favoruite with the queue to get in the only problem. The broth is absolutely fantastic and their ramen is easily the tastiest.

Tonkutsu Ramen :
Ryo Ramen, Crows Nest, Tonkotsu

It’s curious though, you can ask for a less salty version but the less salty version usually taste a little more salty? One of those mysteries?

Tonkutsu Ramen (Again) :
Ryo Ramen, Crows Nest, Tonkotsu

If you sit near the door, you will elicit stares from the hungry people waiting outside. And if you’re waiting outside, it’s torture to see people slurping the noodles and enjoying themselves!

Menu plastered across the yellow wall :
Ryo Ramen, Crows Nest, Tonkotsu

There’s a menu in English but I always think how cool it would be to actually be able to read and understand everything that’s written there. All photos were taken with a Canon G11, the images are sharp and it’s more portable that the Canon 40D (as much as I love the 40D).

9 Responses to “Ryo’s Ramen – Crows Nest”

  1. yuki says:

    I must go and try this place too!!! yumm~~ ramen =)

  2. Julie says:

    omg! I still need to visit this place! its just way tad far for me =p oh wells anything for food!

  3. I love the cute little Japanese restaurants with the menu stuck on the wall. The ramen looks great too, perfect for the upcoming cooler weather!

  4. linda says:

    A friend of mine is totally obsessed with Ryo’s, says it’s the best ramen place in Sydney, supposedly very similar to those in japan. I now have a craving for ramen.

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