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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Drawing Course – Week 6

Following on from Week 5, the class started with some gesture drawing. It’s an easy way to capture the sense of movement of the model. I hope to develop a gesture drawing into something more academic. It’s a good way to get started on getting a “sense” of the subject.

During Week 6, we revisited the foreshortening exercise, with the model standing up on a table and trying to sketch her from the bottom. The first attempt didn’t capture any change in perspective but I think the second attempt captured it better.

Final drawing of the night was a charcoal portrait of the model. I needed more time to get the hand right, it’s not quite in proportion to the rest of the model. When I get the chance (and time), it would be a worthwhile exercise to go back on some of the drawings and “complete” them. It’s hard to capture and do everything I intend to in a limited timeframe.

Only 2 more weeks before the end of the course and 4 more weeks till Christmas! Time really does seem to go past much quicker these days. Anyway looking forward to Week 7!

3 Responses to “Drawing Course – Week 6”

  1. Shui says:

    Do you like to use charcoal to sketch? I like this one – more charcoal sketches also please!

    Charcoal is nice to use although it can get a bit messy. It’s great to show light and shadows though.

  2. Fox Murdoch says:

    Did the model have implants? Judging purely by the space between her breasts it appears as such.
    You can see your improvement in line definition and other places, I’d like to give an art course a go myself one day

    Haha . . no she didn’t have implants. There were actually 2 light sources in the portrait and so lots of shadows which may seem to give her features more depth. Definitely try out an art course. Contact me directly if you want to know the details of this life drawing course I’m doing.

  3. Timo Uotila says:

    Very interesting tasks. You learn all the time!
    Best wishes,
    Timo Uotila

    Thanks! I’ll keep practicing.

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