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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Blue – An Australian Cattle Dog – A4 Prints

Almost there with the next Sigmate Studio project Blue – An Australian Cattle Dog Story. Still on track for a mid September for the Kickstarter launch. One of the popular rewards are the limited edition A4 Prints which are printed on card stock. There is only 1 print run and the image will not be […]

Blue – An Australia Cattle Dog Story – Good Boy

Everything is progressing with the next Sigmate Studio project Blue – An Australian Cattle Dog Story. The planned date is still mid September for the Kickstarter launch. Blue – Good Boy I like this panel of Blue and Mary. Mary is one of the main characters in the story. She works at the Animal Rescue […]

Blue – An Australian Cattle Dog Story

I am happy to provide a sneak peek into the next Sigmate Studio project that will be launched. The current tentative date will be mid September to be available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. I’m very excited about this project as it will feature the first collaboration with a new artist Cheun. Blue – Cover The […]

5 Seconds – First Printing

The first print run of 5 Seconds is done after the edits to the proof copies! It’s an amazing feeling opening the box and seeing your graphic novel staring right back at you. Printing services supplied by Comic Books On Demand. First Printing :

5 Seconds – More Sketches – Dragons

The first round of lettering is now done for 5 Seconds and everything is progressing well. Some minor edits are required before the compiling all the pages for publishing. It’s definitely moving along well now! Thought I’d share a crossover sketch with Jake and Ellie (from 5 Seconds) dressed up as characters from my next […]

5 Seconds – We Made it! – Project Done

Sorry it’s taken a while to post up this entry but it’s been a busy weekend. WE MADE IT! 30+ days, 114 Backers and over $4000+! 5 Seconds is going to happen. I’m preparing the next steps and lining up everything that needs to get it ready for printing. Thank you to all the backers […]

Tabby – A lot can happen in a year

2015 is the year that Sigmate Studio launched its first graphic novel, Tabby – Action, Romance and Cute Cats and the Tabby Sketchbook. It has been a roller coaster of a year (or 15 years if you are counting in cat years). It definitely was a whole year of firsts! Dec 2014 Everything was set. […]

Ninja Rain by Brian Fire

Check out Brian’s crowdfunding campaign : Ninja Rain – Indiegogo OR Brian is available on Twitter @firebrian9 Brian Fire is a guy with a long running passion for Cinema, Comics, video games and acton figures who grew up in the 70’s watching shows like the Twilight Zone, Star trek and was an avid watcher of […]

Xtreme Champion Tournament XCT #3 – Kickstarter

Click here for XCT #3 Kickstarter. Australian writer Shaun Paulet is Kickstarting the next issue of his Xtreme Champion Tournament (XCT). The story revolves around mythical champions like Spartacus cloned in the future for a new gladiatorial tournament! In this issue will a traitor in their midst bring down what Spartacus and Ragnar have built? […]

Project Tabby – Printed

Tabby Sketchbook is now printed! It’s an amazing experience to actually hold the physical copies, it’s very hard to describe! For everyone who has pledged to make the Tabby Sketchbook a reality, your rewards are slowly being packed and being shipped through October. (Not long now!) 1st Printing of the Tabby Sketchbook : A small […]

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