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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Word Smith – Work in Progress

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch and I’m excited to show more work in progress. This one is Victoria visiting Bonnie at her patisserie. It’s always great to see how the rough sketches develop to the detailed pencils. Word Smith – Work in Progress :

Word Smith – Font

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch. I’ve been investigating different fonts to use for Word Smith that suits the atmosphere of this graphic novel. This one is called Steampunk from Marta Van Eck Designs. It’s definitely in consideration! Word Smith – Font :

Word Smith – Horizontal Banner

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch. This is the horizontal banner artwork by P.R. Dedelis. You can see the progression from the rough pencils to the detailed pencils. There were some other drafts but this was the final image that we went for. It’s trying […]

Word Smith – Pencilled Cover

Link to Project Word Smith. Word Smith is on track for a June 2017 Kickstarter launch. Over the next couple of months, I’ll continue to release more artwork and updates on this project. This post is a quick sneak peek at the pencilled cover with artwork by P.R. Dedelis. Word Smith – Pencilled Cover :

Saturn and Orion – Kickstarter

Link to Saturn and Orion Kickstarter Saturn and Orion is currently on Kickstarter with just over 20 days to go. The project is from the creative minds of Jay Huwer (script) and Ben Ferrari (artwork). Saturn and her adoptive father, Orion protect their city. A kidnapping prompts the heroes in a race against time to […]

Word Smith – Storyboards – Pencils

Link to Project Word Smith. I’m excited to announce that Word Smith will be the next project I am aiming to launch in June 2017. Word Smith is a steampunk fantasy adventure which follows the life of Victoria (a Word Smith) and her dragon friend, Sparky! Word Smiths are trained to craft the physical manifestation […]

Staunch Ambition #2 – Kickstarter – Review of Issue 1

Link to Staunch Ambition Issue #2 Kickstarter Last April, Brian launched the first issue of Staunch Ambition which was successfully funded. Almost a year later, he’s now crowdfunding the second issue to get the funds for completion. ( Story : Out of the enlightenment, both science and technology are born anew. As mankind continues to […]

Blue – First Printing

The first printing of Blue – Kickstarter have been picked up! It’s an amazing feeling to hold the physical copies in your hand. Now it’s time to start the packing and shipping process! Blue – First Printing : Blue – A4 Posters :

Blue – Proof Copies

The proof copies for the Blue – Kickstarter have arrived! Planning to go over it carefully this weekend and make any necessary corrections before getting ready for the first print run.

Blue – Original Sketches

Happy 2017! I hope this year turns out great for you. It’s been a great Christmas and New Year for me spending time with the family. Sometimes life is so hectic, it’s great to slow down once in a while. One of Blue – Kickstarter rewards is original sketches from P.R. Dedelis. The parcel arrived […]

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