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Blue – An Australian Cattle Dog Story

I am happy to provide a sneak peek into the next Sigmate Studio project that will be launched. The current tentative date will be mid September to be available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. I’m very excited about this project as it will feature the first collaboration with a new artist Cheun.

Blue – Cover
Blue, Kickstarter, Graphic Novel, Cheun, Australian Cattle Dog, Comic, Australia

The project is titled Blue and it’s a story centred around an Australian Cattle Dog. James (a country boy) is new to the city and adopts a rescue cattle dog named Blue to make him feel more at home. However Blue won’t come when called, won’t eat and loves hammers!

It’s a story of friendship with a lot of fun and humour included. I had a fantastic time writing this story and it is based on a true story. (More information of that to come later.) Over the course of the next month or so, I will provide more insights into the graphic novel. This will include writing thoughts and of course more artwork! I hope you’ll be able to support this project when it launches very soon.

Blue – Sample Internal Page
Blue, Kickstarter, Graphic Novel, Cheun, Australian Cattle Dog, Comic, Australia

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  1. […] read through his website about what he is working on next, which is a graphic novel called “Blue“. I can’t wait for this […]

  2. Mike marchant says:

    Oops I posted in tabby about blue. Can we pre-purchase a copy to help out? When do you think it will be available for shipping

    • The Kickstarter will be ready mid September. (Still getting it all fixed to be ready to go.)

      The good news will be that it’s in Australian Dollars so better when you convert to USD.

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