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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Ninja Rain by Brian Fire

Check out Brian’s crowdfunding campaign : Ninja Rain – Indiegogo OR Brian is available on Twitter @firebrian9

Brian Fire is a guy with a long running passion for Cinema, Comics, video games and acton figures who grew up in the 70’s watching shows like the Twilight Zone, Star trek and was an avid watcher of Kung Fu theater! He’s launching an Indiegogo campaign to help fund his graphic novel.

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Thanks for your time Brian. What’s the premise for Ninja Rain?

My tale is about a Ninja and Samurai who have lost everything in life. They become drunkards and travel from town to town getting wasted . . . . drowning in their sorrow. When at their lowest point, they make a pact to drink themselves to death. Before they can complete this task . . . they find redemption . . . her name was Mika Z.

Mika is a ninja from the Adju clan and has a very special power. She can generate throwing darts made of pure energy. When she is in close quarters with her sisters . . . they become “The Seven” and can summon a wave of these darts. With this power they can cripple armies and even level cities. With an on going war raging between the kingdoms to the north and south and a maniacal opportunist, “The Alchemist”, looking to consume her power and sell it to the highest bidder, this trio is never safe. Their adventure begins here.

You’ve got a high budget (> $40K) for your campaign. How are you planning to spend the funds?

Working in film and dealing with budgets has taught me a LOT of valuable lessons. The first, when doing a high end project, don’t try and cut corners and leave yourself room. Anything can happen in production and you need to be prepared.

I am investing all of my time into writing and setting up the style of our graphic novel. Good illustrators and colorists charge between $100 – $300 per page. We are doing a 60 page graphic novel and at the current rate, just to cover my artists fees, we are looking at a little over $20,000. Printing a 60 page graphic novel and hitting the conventions to promote, can be costly as well. We have something very unique and I want to make sure we have the finances to get it done. We also have to be mindful that indieagogo charges a fee too.

Are you planning to stop at the graphic novel?

Nope! This is a series so there will be more graphic novel action figures, video games AND a TV show!!!!

Wow. Sounds like you have a full franchise planned. Thanks for your time again and good luck with your campaign!

Check out Brian’s crowdfunding campaign : Ninja Rain – Indiegogo OR Brian is available on Twitter @firebrian9

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