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Wall-E – Movie Review

Pixar’s latest film Wall-E was released last Thursday here in Australia. I have always loved Pixar films and managed to get the oppurtunity over the weekend to check it out.

The film has outdone itself with the computer graphics and animation. The work is sublime! Extraordinary detail has been placed on the desolate earth scenes and the space scenes are captivating. This is the first Pixar where they have inserted “live actors” and it fits in surprisingly well.

At the heart of it all and where Pixar has always shined, is the ability to craft an engaging story which has broad appeal to kids, oldies and everyone in between. Wall-E is the last working robot on Earth and continues with his directive to slowly clean up the world. 700 years has passed and he has evolved sentience and emotion but is also very lonely. All this changes with the arrival of Eve, which leads Wall-E to adventures in space.

This may be a very simplistic plot outline but I really didn’t want to give anything away. I really felt young again watching this film. With very little dialogue it is almost reminiscent of those silent films where emotions had to be acted rather than said and a raised eyebrow and timing is more important than a monologue. Highly recommended film! Check it out.

[Wall-E (left) & Eve (right) – Copyright Pixar]

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  1. Fox Murdoch says:

    The number 1 problem with using robots as your main actors is of course that they can’t “act”, not with anything near human emotion on human levels.

    Great thing is Pixar delivered as much emotion as I’ve ever seen out of a robot (CG or otherwise) and it’s a testament to just how good they are at their craft. I don’t know how many times I heard “WallE!” and “EEVE!” but it was seldom dull or repetitive.

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