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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Word Smith – Mei Li

This will be one of the reward sketches from the Word Smith Kickstarter. She’s not part of the story but is a character design for the next issue of Word Smith. (YES! A next issue is already in planning!) Like Victoria, Mei Li is also a Word Smith with her trusty friend, Pan Hong (a […]

Bless the Children Kickstarter by Joseph Duis

Link to Kickstarter Bless the Children is a Western horror story by Joseph Duis where he describes it as a cross between Ravneous and Sixth Sense. It follows Edsel who stumbles into a town of mysterious silent children. The creator, Joseph was kind of enough to share some of his time to answer a few […]

Word Smith – Post Kickstarter

Link to Word Smith Kickstarter. With the Word Smith Kickstarter over, there’s been a million things to organise to get everything ready. Here’s a sketch from P.R. Dedelis that’s going to be an awesome reward. I always feel a little sad posting off original artwork. Word Smith – Sketch : However my favourite reward is […]

Geek-Girl by Sam Johnson

Link to Geek-Girl Kickstarter Geek-Girl is a fun series following the (mis)adventures of Ruby who uses a special set of glasses to gain super powers. She’s not trained in battling super villains and finds herself in situations over her head whilst having to deal with issues in her normal life. Geek-Girl is currently on Kickstarter […]

Word Smith – New Stretch Goal

Link to Word Smith Kickstarter. The Word Smith Kickstarter is funded and going strong! The first stretch goal has been reached and all backers will have their name on the Wall of Fame! It’s the next stretch goal that has got me very excited, P.R Dedelis (pencils) and Peyton Freeman (colours) have put together this […]

Word Smith – Hard at Work

Link to Word Smith Kickstarter. Victoria is working hard on the Word Smith Kickstarter to make sure it’s a great story. Everything is going along smoothly but any support you can give (even sharing the link around) will be much appreciated. Thanks for being part of the journey to bring this steampunk fantasy adventure to […]

Seasons – Kickstarter

Link to Seasons Kickstarter The story of SEASONS (written by Nandor Fox Shaffer) revolves around one character, Fletcher Hart Iiams, a misunderstood, average young man who isn’t happy with his life anymore and has run away from almost everything and everyone. I had the opportunity to have some of Nandor’s time to talk about Seasons […]

Word Smith – 100 Backers

Link to Word Smith Kickstarter. A little slow on the update but I want to let everyone know that the Word Smith Kickstarter has reached a 100 Backers a few days ago! It’s currently sitting at 125 backers and I’m hoping that will increase over the weekend. I think I will rest easy once the […]

Word Smith – Now LIVE

Link to Word Smith Kickstarter. The Word Smith Kickstarter is LIVE! For those who have done it, launching a Kickstarter is a mixture of nerves and excitement. You’re putting your project out into the world and asking people to support it without knowing if people are going to like it or hate it! If you […]

Word Smith – Page 10

Link to Project Word Smith. Almost ready for Word Smith Kickstarter to launch in about a week’s time! I love seeing the transition from the rough sketch to the completed pencils. Victoria and Sparky are meeting Celia for the first time. Word Smith – Page 6 :

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