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Word Smith – More Reviews

Tina Yap (Librarian Technician at Deepdene and Kew East Primary School) asked some of her students to review Word Smith. It’s always great to read what people think about your work. Thanks Tina for organising this and thanks to the students for your time to put your thoughts into words.

I love it when people can relate to the story and the characters! It’s very encouraging to see schools starting to embrace graphic novels as part of their library collection. Graphic Novels are a fantastic story telling medium merging words and pictures.

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Let’s get to work!

Word Smith was an interesting and engaging book to read. I would recommend it for years 4 and 5’s and potentially for those year 3’s who are looking for a challenge. Personally, this is a book I would not usually pick up in the Library as I prefer to read fiction novels but I am glad that I got to read this book. I am sure that many people at our school would enjoy it.

Zoe – Grade 6 – Deepdene Primary School

This comic was illustrated with a colourful array of drawings that filled the pages with a fun and lively theme and would have immediately attracted a large audience. The storyline itself was interesting to follow and pursued a cleverly thought out idea that kept the reader intertwined between the animated characters and the story itself. The tale on the other hand was short and sharp but nevertheless left the reader with a satisfied feeling as the journey ended on a cheerful and contented note.

As a reader of this comic I would recommend it for children the ages of 9+. Many alike would have enjoyed this story but my rating is based on whether the children themselves would have been able to follow the storyline. If this book is in considered for the Victorian’s Premier Reading Challenge, I would sit it in the category for 3-4 because it may prove a little less challenging for grades 5-6 although the storyline itself may be liked between those grades as well.

Riya – Grade 6 – Deepdene Primary School

The attention to detail in the illustrations is sensational. The bubble positions make it easy to read and contribute to the overall look. The story move quickly and is easy to follow. I like the creativity of the story line. How the author tied the characters together is clever. The emotions are well conveyed. Overall it is a well-produced story.

Gem – Grade 6 – Kew East Primary School

‘Word Smith’ was an engaging and entertaining graphic novel about the importance of words. It was about a baker named Bonnie who asked the word smith, Victoria, to craft a word for Bonnie’s husband, George. When Victoria’s word, dream, made George pursue his dream of exploring the Misty Forest, she knew that another word could change George’s mind. I admired the message; “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me. Words can be much worse than sticks and stones. Words have an unseen power to them. The wrong word at the wrong time can destroy, while the right word at the right time can change the world” because it was very inspirational to me. It also linked to the text really well, and how it explains how one word can change someone’s life.

Along with that, the story line always kept me interested. When parts got intense, I kept on reading to find out what would happen next. The illustrations were also made a big impact because the physical actions and emotions were shown. It was easy to feel empathy for most of the characters by their movements/quotes. Overall, I enjoyed reading ‘Word Smith’ because of its powerful message, suspense, words and illustrations put into the graphic novel.

Emily – Grade 6 – Kew East Primary School

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