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Word Smith – School Review

I love getting reviews about my work! Even negative reviews are a learning opportunity to see how to improve. St Therese (Mascot) passed Word Smith to two of their students and I’m happy to share the full review from Heather and Tricia (Year 6) below.

Word Smith Book Review
by Heather & Tricia
St Therese Mascot
Year 6 – 2019

From reading the title we were already hooked in with curiosity. We were instantly overwhelmed with questions on what the title meant and what this novel was about. Being artistic people, we loved the design of the front cover. Observing the style that was presented to us through the title we inferred that this book had something to do with mechanics.

The storyline was quite eccentric compared to other books. The main characters certainly stood out. Victoria’s stunning, bold attitude, led the way through the novel making it both plot and character driven. Being able to see from all the characters perspectives changed the story for us as we were able to comprehend the character’s perspectives on topic and opinions. This affected our view on the characters as we were judging everyone by their looks and stereotypes.

It has an ever-changing plot. Not only do the twist and turns change the storyline and characters but the turmoil differentiates the characters personalities. These hurdles on their adventure make cliff hangers for us as we waited to find out secrets and questions answered.

The hurdles in Word Smith are perfectly timed and aren’t chunky. Some problems took us by surprise, but took the story down a path we would have not expected. Although unexpected, the paths lead to an amazing storyline that was memorable.

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