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Nyobi #2 Review

I have been looking forward to Nyobi #2 by Larry Higgins after the first issue ended in a cliffhanger. It’s been close to a year now since I did the last Nyobi #1 review in May 2015. (Time really does fly!) Nyobi #2 was successfully funded on Kickstarter with exactly 99 backers! The issue opens with Nyobi stuck in a hospital which helps those with powers.

Nyobi #2 (cover by R B White) :
Nyobi, Larry Higgins, Steve Beaulieu, Indie Comics

So what happens in the story?
Something is wrong with Nyobi and her powers are hurting her. When a threat emerges, does Nyobi have the strength to do what it takes to stop this new villain?

What did I think?
The latest issue of Nyobi is a departure from the writing style of the first issue. The first issue was a character driven piece following the daily life of Lucas who gets bullied and attempts suicide. This second issue falls back into the superhero fare which Nyobi facing off against a new escaped supervillan. It’s much more action packed than before. I’m very interested to see what Higgins does for issue #3 and which writing direction he takes or whether he blends elements of #1 and #2 together.

The interior artwork duties have moved to Steve Beaulieu (who does his own Canadian Cindy comic) and the change suits the story. Beaulieu’s style is more “superhero”-y and suits the dynamic fight scenes when Nyobi goes head to head with her new adversary. Beaulieu is having great fun with the pencils and it shows in his works!

This is a comic to check out and it’s an obvious labour of love from the creators. If you want to reach out to the creators OR if you want to get a copy of Nyobi, please email nyobicomics [at] gmail.com.

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