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Spider-Man – Avengers by Guile Blackpanther

Featured artist Guile (a.k.a. SpiderGuile) from France draws the most amazing Spider-Man (and friends). The below showcases of his work really speaks for themselves. The pieces are all very dynamic and could easily make a fantastic poster if enlarged.

Spider-Man splash :
Spider-Man, Black Cat, Wolverine, Avengers

New Avengers :
Spider-Man, Black Cat, Wolverine, Avengers

Spider-Man Sketch :
Spider-Man, Black Cat, Wolverine, Avengers

Firstly a question about you. What do you like besides drawing?

I like hanging with friends talking about everything or nothing at all, I like music a lot! I need it, I listen to hip hop, trip hop, soulful house music, electro, drum and bass, acid jazz, nu soul and some funk!

How would you describe your artwork?

I can’t describe my own artwork, I’d just say that my style changed because of the different influences I have been exposed to. It’s a mix between american realistic comicbook art and european classic style! I think so.

Who would you consider as influeces on your art?

I’d say that, these days, the two big influences in my art, are Leinil Yu and Olivier Coipel. After that guys like Stuart Immonen, Mike Mignola, John Buscema, Joe Bennett, Jim Cheung, or maybe Jason Pearson have always had a big impact on me.

What are some of things you have worked in?

I did work on a lot of fanzines, some advertising gigs and even some designs for some underground comicbook projects. Right now, I work as freelance artist in the videogames industry (Check out the upcoming RED STEEL 2 on WII, I designed some of the bad guys in it) I am still trying to break in the comicbook industry and work also on my creator owned project on my spare time!

I’m sure your opportunity to break into the comic industry is around the corner! Your work is fantastic. Thanks for your time.

For more of his work check out :

Commission information is available :

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  1. […] last piece by this week’s featured artist, Guile. The details on this showcase is very dynamic and impressive, Venom ripping off Spider-Man’s […]

  2. This is some really great work. This guy should not be trying to break into the comic industry he should already be there.

  3. p-nut says:

    Good job spotting spiderguile out stigmatestudios :)

    I have his hellboy wolvie colaboration in my favorite pictures list on deviantart. :) (bout a month er 2 ago, i recognized his still seeing his pics before reading the article here.)

    Will have to check out red steel 2.

    Take care both of ya :)

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