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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Super Fantasy by Kirk Lindo

Kirk Lindo draws very beautiful women. Or as he states in his sketch books he has the “ability to draw hot, sexy, comic book babes”. I purchased an original art commission and a couple of prints from him earlier. He included the below 3 sketch books with my order which was really fantastic of him. (BTW The below images are links which will take you directly to lulu marketplace site in case you want to pick up a copy for yourself!)

Some of his work in the sketch books are very imaginative including taking established characters such as Captain America or Gambit and re-imaging in a hot female form. Along with pin-up work or cheesecake shots, he is probably best known for the character he created Luxura of the Vamperotica series.

The next post will showcase the original commission he completed for me! However, more of Kirk’s work can be seen in his website:
Kirk Lindo Art

4 Responses to “Super Fantasy by Kirk Lindo”

  1. Violet says:

    That’s some fantastic line art, the details are really crisp. Lucky you for getting the books! Gambit as a sexy girl? Now that’d be something!

  2. SIGMATE says:

    Can’t remember the Gambit picture now. I’ll take another look when I’m home today. I can guarantee it was hot though!

  3. […] original description to Kirk was : Sketch of Mary Jane wearing the top half of Spiderman costume (no gloves) with matching […]

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