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Creating a graphic novel but stopping along the way to take some photos, eat some food and admire great art!

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Star Trek – Movie Review

The reboot to the Star Trek movie franchise by J J Abrams certainly exceeded my expectation. It’s a well written story coupled with amazing direction. With fantastic action sequences and great tempo, it’s really a trekkie film for non-trekkies. For me, I loved all the injokes and references to the original series. Looks like this series is being setup for many movies to come.

This movie is worth checking out!

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5 Responses to “Star Trek – Movie Review”

  1. lk77 says:

    Do you want to get when it comes out on blue-ray? You would need a player for it first though…

  2. Violet says:

    I so want to see this but I keep hearing mixed reviews. I don’t want it to kill the old. Did it really keep the same spirit?

  3. SIGMATE says:

    lk77 :
    It’s just out in the cinemas so will be a while before Blu-Ray.

    violet :
    It’s a very different feel to the old.
    More action and better pacing.
    Worth checking to see what the fuss is about however I enjoyed the ride.

  4. Michelle says:

    I have never really been in the Star Trek movies before but I watched the new one and loved it. I think it had enough references to keep the diehard fans happy and not too many to confuse the newbies, like myself…

  5. SIGMATE says:

    Michelle, I have to agree. Great action and great introduction for non-trekkies!

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