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NEGA (Neuro Evolution Gear Advancement) Fighters is a creation by Tate and Josephine Bunce with previously featured artist Gregory Woronchak illustrating the series. It’s superhero fare with a team of colourful heroes defending a city against colourful villains.

This post will showcase some scenes from Issues #05.

A strange threat appears – Issue #05

How was the concept behind the comic developed?

The recipients of the NEGA program receive powers and abilities via the modern miracle of cybernetic enhancements. Hypersonic Man is the team leader, Hyper Battle Girl is his second in command, and the third member of the team is Gun Lancer, a highly intelligent urban ninja. Their support team consists of Dr. Roy Brunswick, a pioneer of NEGA technology, and his assistant engineer, Dr. Jeri Gale. Together, they help the citizens of the east coast city of Newtopia against super criminals, invading aliens, rampaging robots, extra-dimensional beings, and any other threats that may come their way.

NEGA Fighters first began in 2002 as a mesh between my passion for comics and video games. Over the years the concept has been adjusted, tweaked, expanded, and finally formed into what it is today. Believe it or not I spent three years crafting the plots, individual episodes, and designing the world of the NEGA Fighters. That in itself was too much fun! Fortunately, writing comics is like writing poetry: anything goes. This project is a labor of love, no doubt about it.

Death – Issue #05

What would you consider the biggest appeal?

I wanted the book to be similar in style and flavor to the comics that I used to read in the 70’s and mid 80’s. In those days comics were fun to read. It was always a pleasure to get absorbed into an intriguing storyline that was laced with cool characters. Ever since the late 80’s the majority of super hero comics are too angst driven and depressing. I didn’t want to take that approach with the NEGA Fighters. Drama is good, tragedy is a certainty, but it doesn’t become the main focus of the story.

Breaking Free – Issue #05

What’s the initial storyline?

When we first meet our heroes they head out on their first mission and from there the roller coaster ride begins. The tale of the NEGA Fighters was designed to have a beginning, middle, and end all tied together by an over arching storyline. I personally wanted the NEGA Fighters to be a story of substance that had something to say. It is a classic tale of good versus evil and personal perseverance.

What was the creative process like?

As far as the art style goes, I design the characters, draw them, and send them to Greg along with the script. Greg illustrates them in the book in his unique artistic manner. During the scripting process, I include direction details to give certain scenes more impact. Scenes rich in action or drama usually get the most attention.

Thanks for your time and opportunity to preview your work.

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  1. Josephine Bunce says:

    Hi everyone! This interview was very exciting to and happy to talk to you about our comic book. Definitely a labor of love. The NEGA Fighters website is being updated so hopeful an improved site will be up next week. Issue 10 “Warriors of Night” will be up in our store in a few days.
    Take care

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