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Kirk Lindo Competition – Baroness – Phoenix – Wonder Woman – Poison Ivy

After the success of the previous Hulk competition, featured artist Kirk Lindo is giving the opportunity to win :

  1. Signed Print of your choice
  2. Super Fantasy Sketchbook 1, 2 and 3
  3. Update!Supersize Montage Print

How do you enter?
Visit and browse through all the prints Kirk has on offer. Post a comment on this post, about which is your favourite print and why it’s your favourite. It’s that simple! Some of my favourite Kirk prints are showcased below but you can select any print from his website above.

Baroness :
Baroness Phoenix Wonder Woman BBWW bbw ww Poison Ivy

Classic Phoenix :
Baroness Phoenix Wonder Woman BBWW bbw ww Poison Ivy

Dark Phoenix :
Baroness Phoenix Wonder Woman BBWW bbw ww Poison Ivy

Wonder Woman (America) :
Baroness Phoenix Wonder Woman BBWW bbw ww Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy :
Baroness Phoenix Wonder Woman BBWW bbw ww Poison Ivy

More Details :

  1. Competition closes 30-Apr-10.
  2. Decision on the winner will be final. Quirky, funny thoughts are always welcome.
  3. I will contact winner by email from comment.
  4. Open to anyone in the world!
  5. One entry per person.

26 Responses to “Kirk Lindo Competition – Baroness – Phoenix – Wonder Woman – Poison Ivy”

  1. David says:

    I would say that the –

    KIRK LINDO ART PRINT- Crimson Dusk

    Is my favorite because it’s got good colors and I’m a fan of the character even though only a couple of issues were done.

  2. Kirk Basone says:

    Vampirella Sitting: this was one of the first commissions Kirk did for me; she is sitting staring at you, waiting for you to approach…do you or do you wait for her? She is there for you to decide. In addition, she looks exactly like my sister-in-law, face and body. Kirk did not even know this when he drew her.

  3. Steve Zink says:

    My actual favorite isn’t among the many fantastic drawings on the six pages at eBay (I view them at 50 per page) that make it so difficult to pick just one to say is my favorite. The one I say isn’t at eBay is one I got a long time ago of a Bat Babe on a motorcyle, not looking very much like Huntress so I call this Batman as a female to go with Kirk’s Robin the Girl Wonder. But just among those at eBay, I have to pick Power Girl and Supergirl, because standing side by side admiring each other’s fantastic physique’s, they are incredible!

  4. Dan says:


    Nothing beats a feisty, sexy, feline, leather wearing woman!

  5. Jack D. Graham says:

    I can not believe you want me to limit my comment to one favorite print. You have so many great prints. OK, let me talk about all of them for a second or two.

    You depiction of women is beautiful. The are always feminine, and quite curvaceous, and ultimately sexy. Some are flirty, some cheeky, and some quite sultry – but they are always beautiful and sexy.

    Your women are quite buxom, but not beyond the limits of believability as some artist portray. You do not ignore the limits of proportionality which is one of the reasons your women are so beautiful.

    You also do not cheat – creating one body and playing exchange the head like a paper doll to “create” a new picture. Each of your creations is unique, based on a real model? And you do not limit yourself to the same picture.

    I find “Lovely White Queen” one of your most captivating prints. It is not one of your full body prints, but is a portrait of a very stunning woman, with an expression which defies instant understanding. I do not know if she want to kiss me, or kill me. Knowing my luck it will be both, but in the opposite order.

    The “Goblin Queen” has that same mystery sense to it – you are not sure if you just walked in and she is happy to see you, or if you have just interrupted her and you will pay for your negligence.

    I love the contrast between “Scarlet Witch Lovely Hair” and “Scarlet Witch Magic Globes.” It is obvious that these are the same woman, but the striking contrasts between these two prints is an example of your ability to make each print both intimately recognizable and wholly unique.

    But to pick just one as a favorite is just too hard. There are so many. So just acknowledging one of my favorites at random (not having been mentioned already) I would have to pick on of the Vampirella prints. And I think “Voluptuous Vampirella” really demonstrates all of the things I have mentioned that I enjoy about your prints. She is voluptuous, sexy, beautiful, mysterious, feminine, buxom, curvaceous, a little flirty, and sultry. It is a very intimate print that is at the same time universal to Vampirella. So I will go with that one.


  6. Dan says:


    This is my favorite Cat Woman costume and Kirk gave her such a luscious bod in this one! Great angle to see all of her womanly enticements and the position of the tail makes for a very balanced layout. Fantastic from beginning to.. um… end (or tail in this case… sorry, I was staring at the art again). It’s no wonder I own a copy of this print, lol.

  7. DRUMCZAR - Alan says:

    As mentioned in many of the previous posts, there really are too many great prints to have to pick just one. Fortunately I already own about 25 (lots of PG, Vampi, Sonja, Tigra, Supergirl, & Scarlet Witch). I think my favorite of those is the colored Tigra print (Super sweet). I also already own all 3 sketchbooks & they are FANTASTIC, but could always use another copy to cherish, Mine have been run through hundreds of times already & a little on the over read side.

    My initial top 5 (that I don’t currently own) would be..

    2) Busty Cave Woman (STUNNING)
    3) Mary Marvel (SHAZAM MAN!)
    4) Mystic Magic Nibbs (Hubba, Hubba, Hubba)
    5) Red Sonja Tease – (HOLY CROM!)

    Kirks art depicts all our favorite femms in the light every fan-boy wishes – Gorgeous, Hot, Voluptuous, come & get me, here it is babes. in all their glory!!!

    It’s been a while since I’ve been able to purchase prints (being jobless & all) but I have added motivation now.

    So, My Fav would be (drum roll pease)……..

    SOUJOURN – all though I love all Kirk’s work (& not just the 5 listed above). I find this particular piece just absolutely incredible. It’s Arwyn as she should be portrayed – Strong, beautiful, relentless. The detail to the character is spot on. Why Kirk was never approached to be the premier artist for this now historic Crossgen book is a complete mystery to me. This is a truly breath taking piece. The only thing that could be better was if it was colored.


  8. timothy Chandler says:

    I love the “Poizon Ivy” print. It has awesome colors and the layout is to die for!!!

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  10. Matt says:

    I’m clicking the link to the store but I’m not seeing anything. Is anyone else getting the same problem?

    That being said, of the ones in this page, my favorite is the Dark Phoenix one. Absolutely love the shading on the hair and face.

    • SIGMATE says:

      I’ll check with Kirk to see what the situation is with eBay and the rest of the prints. When the prints are back up, feel free to enter again!

  11. Mark Rhodes says:

    Dear God

    Thank you for Mr. Lindo and the talent you have given him to render the fine form of babes and meta babes –



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  13. Farmers Wife says:

    The print that drew me in is called Tigra Up Close. Her face and her beautiful hair. I just love it. So much so that I just had to google her and read all about her….

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  15. Brent Elbert says:

    Something very seductive about a girl with a Batman Tramp Stamp. I would love to have this & may just buy it :D

  16. CS says:


    Not so familiar with this field of comics but from what I can see, for black and white I can’t see how this one can not be the best – simply great color tone/contrast.

  17. I’ve got more than one favorite, but to pick just one I’ll say the Black Widow “Don’t Move” picture is my favorite, as I like Black Widow.

    Also, as an artist I know that that’s a tough perspective to get right, especially the face, and this picture is spot-on.

    Also the gun looks like a gun which is hard for me to do from any angle.


  18. lk77 says:

    Hello there,

    I like the Sojourn one. She’s missing her bow but I like the detail on her adventuring outfit. Nice pose too!

    LK 77

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